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Summit Hut Raves About Imlay’s Kolob Pack

Charles from Summit Hut recently gave the Kolob Pack a stellar review, noting: …my favorite all-around pack has become the Imlay Canyon Gear Kolob… these packs have been designed specifically for canyoneering, but the features make it a great pack for general use. While I understand why Tom removed so many bells and whistles from the “traditional modern backpack” in evolving his line of canyoneering-specific backpacks, it’s never been clear to me why he hasn’t marketed the Imlay packs to a larger non-canyoneering market. Maybe it’s a price point issue? I haven’t shopped around lately… is an ICG Kolob pack more expensive than a heavier, pocket-and-zipper-and-clip laden backpacking pack? ICG packs are certainly too heavy for the ultra-light crowd, but I think the general backpacking crowd appreciates a tough, bright, no-frills pack that carries well and lasts many, many miles. If you are a canyoneer AND a backpacker (I know there are many of us out there), it’s worth considering consolidating your arsenal, over time, to one pack that can do it all. And though I’ve never used my Imlay packs for “backpacking” trips, per se, I’ve certainly used them for multi-day canyoneering trips (backpacking trips) with great satisfaction. Anybody have an … Continue reading

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