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Aron Ralston Discusses “127 Hours”

Amidst all the Hollywood hype over the movie, there seems to be a consistent thread of opinion suggesting this film is everything Ralston suggests in the interview: real, human, and more than just a story of Man vs. Wild. Ralson discusses some interesting aspects of the movie-making process, including the search for a producer, uneasy feelings about “gratuitous T&A” scene, and how Danny Boyle convinced Ralston he could make a movie that stayed true to the philosophical life lessons Ralston holds important to the story. Overall, a worthwhile read and another great appetizer for the film to come… Stewart Oksenhorn The Aspen Times Aspen, CO Colorado Friday, October 1, 2010 ASPEN — As Aron Ralston talked to filmmakers about turning his book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” the former Aspenite was horrified to see that many of their backgrounds were in horror films. “A lot of the producers, they had nothing but horror films in their résumé. But I didn’t want to make a horror film of my story,” he said. No question, Ralston’s story has a terrifying element to it. It was Ralston who, in May of 2003, while hiking Utah’s Blue John Canyon, got his right … Continue reading

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