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Yankee Doodle Canyon Video by Jeff Guest

Canyoneer and budding movie-maker Jeff Guest, who won our 15th Anniversary Video Contest earlier this month, recently posted another fun adventure video, this one featuring a fairly large group descent of Yankee Doodle Canyon. My favorite sequences are the ones where Jeff uses his camera boom to self-film (isn’t it weird how his wrist stays still while everything else moves?), and the ones where the guys run down the canyon in fast-forward, creating some serious blitz speed. While I’m not sure I need to see every single person descent every single drop, Guest keeps the pace pretty brisk, and the music and his occasional speed variations do their part to keep my interest. If I’d never been to Yankee Doodle before, I’d probably think it’s about 4x longer than this video makes it appear… nothing like the power of modern media to distort reality, for better (in this case) or worse. Nice work, Mr. Guest.

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15th Anniversary Video Contest Entries Posted

With the August 15th deadline behind us, we have now posted the videos submitted to our 15th Anniversary Photo/Video contest to our YouTube page. Check out the great series of videos, ranging from ice climbing Southern Utah icefalls, to swing dancing atop Angels Landing, to sauntering through the Kanarra Creek slot canyon. All the videos are eligible for prizes, and we’re hoping you’ll weight in to help us pick the winners. We need to make decisions by September 1, so check out the vids and let us know which one you love most. Thanks to Jeff Guest, Casey Niederhauser, Mary Wang, Po-kai Chen, and Shane Burrows for submitting videos to the contest!

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