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Kids Take on the Zion Backcountry

Michael Lanza, the Northwest Editor from Backpacker Magazine, recently gave us the heads-up on his website, TheBigOutside.com, and his family’s recent attempt at the Trans-Zion Trek. You can find the trip report, complete with photos and video, here. The video is especially endearing, as it features the Lanza kids having a blast in the Zion backcountry, working on a makeshift sandstone “workbench”, playing in the river, trucking up the West Rim switchbacks, and finding the infamous Cave of Horrors along the Angel’s Landing section. The Lanza’s Trans-Zion plan doesn’t work out due to unexpected controlled burns, but they still have a great time hiking and camping along the Hop Valley and West Rim trails. I don’t know how old the Lanza kids are, but I’d guess in the 8 – 10 neighborhood. How many parents would take their grade-school age kids backpacking miles from roads and civilization? I’m not sure, but THANK YOU to the Lanza family for reminding us that well-prepared kids can thrive in the backcountry, taking on 2 to 5-day trips with great enthusiasm and success.

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Please Don’t Abandon Your Dog In A Slot Canyon

Saw this sad story today… Can you imagine rappelling 350′ into a canyon WITH your dog, and then deciding you no longer wanted the company? Seems difficult to believe. I wish they could interview the dog to relieve our imaginations. Position statement: While bringing your canine friend along with you on a technical canyon trip is already a questionable choice, LEAVING him/her in the middle to starve to death is certainly a bad one. Thanks to the gentleman who managed to bring this dog out with him, as well as all the other good souls who rescue skunks, snakes, squirrels, and even cougar carcasses from the canyons every year.

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