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Imlay Canyon Gear Unveils 2012 Rope Colors

Just in time for the holiday season, new rope colors have magically appeared from Imlay Canyon Gear. The immensely popular 8.3mm Canyon Fire now comes in the forboding “Red with Yellow” AND the cautionary “Yellow with Red,” in addition to the old balanced “Red and Yellow.” Not impressed? Okay, well take a look at the new 9mm Canyonero colors, where jungle-vine “Green with Blue” and regal “Purple with Yellow” join the aquatic blue-green weave in the line up. Combing a Canyon Fire with the three Canyonero! lines, and you have serious contrast in your rope bags. So who really cares about rope color, anyways? Is this just for canyon aestheticists and rope dorks? Though I am occasionally sheepish to admit it, I DO care about rope colors… here’s why: 1. Colors provide intuitive indicators of rope length. Though a given rope will change length over its lifetime as it wears and gets chopped, using ropes of different colors on any given trip makes it easy to tell the 80′ from the 120′ from the 200′. Instead of “give me the 200-footer,” we say, “give me the red one.” Much easier. 2. When using any two (or more) ropes together, it … Continue reading

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Summit Hut Raves About Imlay’s Kolob Pack

Charles from Summit Hut recently gave the Kolob Pack a stellar review, noting: …my favorite all-around pack has become the Imlay Canyon Gear Kolob… these packs have been designed specifically for canyoneering, but the features make it a great pack for general use. While I understand why Tom removed so many bells and whistles from the “traditional modern backpack” in evolving his line of canyoneering-specific backpacks, it’s never been clear to me why he hasn’t marketed the Imlay packs to a larger non-canyoneering market. Maybe it’s a price point issue? I haven’t shopped around lately… is an ICG Kolob pack more expensive than a heavier, pocket-and-zipper-and-clip laden backpacking pack? ICG packs are certainly too heavy for the ultra-light crowd, but I think the general backpacking crowd appreciates a tough, bright, no-frills pack that carries well and lasts many, many miles. If you are a canyoneer AND a backpacker (I know there are many of us out there), it’s worth considering consolidating your arsenal, over time, to one pack that can do it all. And though I’ve never used my Imlay packs for “backpacking” trips, per se, I’ve certainly used them for multi-day canyoneering trips (backpacking trips) with great satisfaction. Anybody have an … Continue reading

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Imlay Canyon Gear Offers Canyoneering Calendar for 2011

Tom Jones, ZAC canyoneering guide and head of Imlay Canyon Gear and Canyoneering USA, recently decided to “throw together” a canyoneering calendar for 2011. In Tom’s quintessential collaborative style, he put together a first draft, using whatever photos he had tucked away from his own expansive trip experience, as well as images from friends in the canyoneering community. Then he posted the draft on his website, The Latest Rave, and asked 20 people or so to vote, comment, and/or submit their own work for the calendar. After a few rounds of feedback over a few days’ time, Tom had a final draft of the calendar, which I think turned out pretty well for a spur-of-the-moment production. I love the way Tom works, crowd-sourcing his way to bigger and better. He excels at drawing people in and getting them involved, yet comfortably making the ultimate decisions about the direction of his projects himself. Another part of Tom’s style is to offer insight into his process, which he does in classic form with this project, as he takes us through 1st draft, feedback processing, and final results with image-by-image commentary. Stop in to Tom’s site to check out the canyoneering calendar and … Continue reading

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Gear Review: Ram Opines on Imlay Canyon Gear “Spry” Pack

Steve Ramras, known as “Ram” in the canyon world, does more canyoneering than anybody I’ve ever met. This guy regularly puts together 14 – 21 day canyon trips, pieced together with partners from his incredible multi-state social network and canyon routes from his vast prior experience and his highly topographic imagination. First descents, 20th descents, returning-after-15-years-away descents… Ram regularly combines them all in one trip. With that kind of mileage under his belt, it’s easy to imagine he has learned a thing or two over the years. So when Ram offers thoughts or advice on gear choice, I’m always interested to hear what he has to say. Ram is a guy with ample access to gear. Each morning, he has the freedom to pour over a full quiver of packs, bags, ropes, carabiners, etc. and choose his plan of attack, a la carte, for the day. (Well, at least at the BEGINNING of his 3-week trips, he does…) Which pack is big enough, but not too big? What combination of ropes will be both high functional, but reasonable in terms of weight and volume. Etc, etc… So when Ram says he finds himself using the same item over and over … Continue reading

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Product Review: Bagarino 2010

Let’s take a moment today to discuss that unheralded hero of so many canyon equipment quivers: the rope bag. Much like your typical offensive lineman, a good rope bag often goes unnoticed, quietly helping all the sexy stuff happen while reliably toiling away in the background. Why use rope bags these silly, expensive rope bags, you say? Three big efficiency-increasing reasons: 1. Rope bags reduce ungainly tangles, knots, and bird’s nests by giving us the opportunity to account for and isolate both ends of the rope OUTSIDE the bag. 2. Rope bags allow us to only deploy the amount of rope needed for the rappel (e.g. 20′ of rope for a 10′ rappel as opposed to uncoiling all or half of a long rope). 3. Rope bags allow us to put away longer ropes MUCH more quickly and easily than any coiling technique I’ve ever seen or used. Though rope bags come in many shapes and sizes, today we’ll focus on my favorite rope bag, the Bagarino. This member of the Imlay Canyon Gear (ICG) rope bag family is smaller than the Silo series, and larger than the Bagettes. The Bagarino holds up to 190-200′ of 8mm Bluwater Canyon Pro … Continue reading

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