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Food Recommendations for the Trails or the Canyons

Every week, Zion visitors bound for adventure on the trails and in the canyons ask me the same question: “What should I take with me to eat?” It seems these visitors are trying to sort through the matrix of what friends, outdoor enthusiasts, the media, and mom have told them about trail food, and how any of it applies to what they are about to do in Zion. They ask: “Do I need bars? Can I take a sandwich? Can I bring fresh fruit, or does it need to be dehydrated?” This is what I tell them… I like eating. And because I like eating, I like to enjoy the food I eat. The degree to which I enjoy food enhances the entirety of my day, in this specific case, my day in the outdoors. For this reason, my advice to departing adventurers is simple, but important: Bring food you will enjoy eating. If you are not enthused with the PB&J your mom would have insisted upon, I say save yourself the disappointment and leave it at home. The same holds true for food bars or energy bars; if you don’t like ‘em, leave ‘em. So what do I bring on my own … Continue reading

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