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ZAC Staff Backpack Grand Canyon

In an ongoing pursuit to further explore, appreciate and acquaint ourselves with the beauty and mystery of the Southwest, a backpacking trip in the off-season seemed both appropriate and necessary. Over the course of 4 days from January 7-10, 2014, four of us set out to conquer or be conquered by the great and vast landscape of the Grand Canyon. Upon our arrival at the South Rim (about a 5 hour drive from Springdale through Kanab and Page) we found ourselves eagerly greeted at the backcountry desk. Winter crowds and weather at the Grand Canyon are far more mellow than those in the Summer. Attaining the appropriate permits for our planned route was quite easy. Grand Canyon permits cost a bit more than those at Zion ($5 per person per night plus an additional $10 processing fee). Having acquired our permit, it was time to visit the viewpoints at South Rim. We participated in “ooohing” and “ahhhing” at the expanse that unfolded before us. We had one final logistical detail to take care of. Our beginning and ending trailheads for the trip were approximately 5 miles apart, so we stashed a bike in the woods near our destination. For our … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon Abruptly Reverses Plastic Bottle Ban

Interesting article from the New York Times concerning the ban on bottled water sales that was due to begin January 1st. The is the same technique Zion NP implemented a few years back, to much acclaim within and outside of the National Park Service, helping reduce the Park’s plastic bottle consumption by upwards of 60,000 bottles per year. It’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out, especially given all the money and infrastructure is already in place to make sure visitors have plenty of “watering” opportunities around Grand Canyon. Parks Chief Blocked Plan for Grand Canyon Bottle Ban By FELICITY BARRINGER November 9th, 2011 New York Times Weary of plastic litter, Grand Canyon National Park officials were in the final stages of imposing a ban on the sale of disposable water bottles in the Grand Canyon late last year when the nation’s parks chief abruptly blocked the plan after conversations with Coca-Cola, a major donor to the National Park Foundation. Stephen P. Martin, the architect of the plan and the top parks official at the Grand Canyon, said his superiors told him two weeks before its Jan. 1 start date that Coca-Cola, which distributes water under the Dasani … Continue reading

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California Condors Over Marble Canyon

Tom went down to Lee’s Ferry on Sunday morning to see some friends off down the river. While he was down there, a number of California condors were breezing around overhead. They came in close only once, but Tom was waiting and snapped this shot of ol’ No. 73 and his compadre, No. 71. California condors, once on the brink of extinction, have enjoyed a moderately successful reintroduction in the Arizona Strip region, and we sometimes get to see these enormous, ancient birds up-close. Thanks to Tom for sharing the photo. If you’re interested in learning more about California condors, the Grand Canyon NPS site offers some good information.

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Fantastic Canyon Landscape Video from Aerial Filmworks

Picked up these video links from the Canyons Group and wanted to post them here for your pleasure. Aerial Filmworks is the outfit behind the Planet Earth series, along with a truck-load of other stunning documentary footage for everything from Survivor to the YukonQuest Dog Sled Race to car chase sequences for Animal Cops. They use a super-fancy camera, the Cineflex V14 HD heli-gimal, which is “gyro-stable”, meaning it stays completely still and level when a helicopter is twisting, turning, and vibrating like mad. Check out these wonderful landscape videos of the many twists and turns of the Grand Canyon (on top) and the awesome variesty of the Four Corners area of UT/CO/AZ, including Monument Valley, the San Juan River, and the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

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