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Author Craig Childs Lectures in Springdale Tomorrow!

One of my favorite Southwestern authors, Craig Childs, comes to Springdale tomorrow for a lecture/reading supporting his newest book, Finders Keepers: A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession. Childs’ new work centers around the Four Corners Raid of June 2009, when the FBI and BLM made a huge bust of folks suspected of illegally gathering, transporting, and selling ancient Puebloan artifacts. The aftermath of the bust spurred lots and lots of discussion and debate in wide circles, all surrounding the questions of who, if anyone, has rights to historic artifacts and what becomes of them. While I haven’t read the book (yet), my impression is Childs takes a typically sophisticated approach to his examination, injecting much personal experience and a lifelong log of reflections into a balanced exploration. For more on the book, check out the New York Times review¬†on Childs’ Utah book tour. Childs is an amazing writer and speaker, able to easily capture any crowd’s attention with both stunning tales of wild adventure and delicate, intimate ponderings on a slate of philosophical areas. The pure beauty of Childs’ language grabs me, as does his humble, sincere personality. There is a certain touch of something crazy about Childs, something … Continue reading

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