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Book Review: “Finding Everett Ruess” by David Roberts

As an avid reader of Southwest non-fiction and a southern Utah resident, I knew of author David Roberts and the legendary Everett Ruess before I delved into Roberts’ new book, Finding Everett Ruess. Roberts built his writing reputation on non-fiction climbing writing, but he has also pursued more historic/anthropological topics, and one of my favorite books, “In Search of the Old Ones”, discusses the Ancestral Puebloans and their mysterious cliff dwellings. LOTS has been written, sung, painted, and celebrated about Mr. Ruess, a young artist from California who ventured and ultimately disappeared into the canyon country east of Zion, near Escalante. The town of Escalante even holds an annual “Everett Ruess Days” festival, celebrating art, music, and writing on behalf of this “canyon country poet.” So I figured I was in for a treat as these two characters mingled when I started turning the pages. First, an introduction: Everett Ruess was a young man who, in the 1930′s, criss-crossed Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, including much of the Navajo Nation and areas now included in Grand Staircase-Esclaante Monument, Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce and Zion. In the 30′s, this area was generally overlooked and seldom traveled, a true Western “wilderness.” In his … Continue reading

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