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“127 Hours” Trailer Released

The canyoneering community was abuzz recently after the trailer release for “127 Hours”, Danny Boyle’s dramatization of Aron Ralston’s battle with a sizable boulder in Bluejohn Canyon. The sneak-peek doesn’t show us all that much, but confirms the typical elements of adventure movie fare will be present: 1. Breathtaking cinematography of some of America’s most acclaimed landscapes. I am looking forward to all sorts of canyonland eye candy. 2. Some realistic canyoneering depictions. James Franco (or likely his stunt double) shows some nice stemming moves, and they did go into actual canyons for the footage. 3. Some unrealistic canyoneering depictions. The scene where Franco drops out of sight and into the gorgeous pool of crystal-blue water… uh, unless there are hallucinatory drugs involved, that’s not going to happen in Utah. I bet they all emerge with any scrapes, too. 4. Actors will be better looking than anybody I’ve ever seen in the backcountry. And actresses will be thrown in for audience interest. But the big question is: Will it be a good story? This remains to be seen. A litany of Hollywood adventure films suggest making an engaging, realistic storyline is next to impossible, BUT few of them (maybe none … Continue reading

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Radical Reels / Banff Mountain Film Festival Coming to Springdale this October!

Ask any local when the best time to visit Zion is and you’ll probably hear, “FALL!” Fall’s the time when the temperatures are pleasant, skies are usually clear, and changing leaves start to dot the riverside. What a fabulous time to have an outdoor film event, right? Zion Adventure Company is very excited to host the Banff Film Centre’s Radical Reels Tour on October 3rd, 2010 at 8pm. And here are five reasons to join us for it: 1. Radical Reels Tour complements the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s collection of high-adrenaline, award-winning short films about climbing, skiing, mountain biking, BASE jumping, and kayaking. These films will definitely stoke your own adventure-seeking dreams for the upcoming season. Check out the trailer (above)! 2. October in Zion means high temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s, and lows in the 40′s. Who could ask for more perfect weather for desert climbing, biking, camping and hiking? 3. This is one of the few outdoor screenings on the Radical Reels tour. Who can compete with our awesome outdoor venue, Dixie State College’s OC Tanner Amphitheater, located at the base of the 2000-foot West Temple? Come out and enjoy a beautiful evening of film, adventure, and … Continue reading

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