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Author Says Canyoneering Helps Teens (and Parents) Grow

Parent/teen relationships are amongst my favorite to experience on guided trips because novel outdoor activities can create such level playing fields between generations. Unlike all the things parents and their kids do at home, canyoneering (or climbing or mountain biking) is generally not something the parents have a depth of experience with. And so, when learning a completely new activity, parents and teens find themselves on common ground, both having little to no idea that they are doing. In fact, teens usually have the edge. Since most teens are in school, they are typically more practiced with learning and critical thinking, so they often consume and process information more easily. In addition, older teens are near their athletic prime, whereas their parents are typically falling into various states of disrepair… another advantageous element for the teens. Last, teens often benefit from a more eager, risk-perverse nature, so they can be much less hesitant and seldom suffer from “analysis paralysis” like adults can. All this adds up to giving the teens a good chance of out-doing their folks, and the effect this can have on parents is incredible. All this to say, it’s rare for parents to create opportunities for equal standing with … Continue reading

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