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Canyon Jumping by the Swiss (Don’t Try This in Zion)

Jumping drops, instead of rappelling them, can be a ton of fun, especially when you avoid dislocating joints or breaking bones enroute. Check out this impressive display of canyon leaping, including an eyebrow-raising set of mid-flight transitions from air to rock BEFORE hitting the water. Aren’t Europeans entertaining? There are lots of places on Earth where the rock is hard and the canyon pools are deep and free of debris… Zion just isn’t one of them. In fact, jumping into pools in Zion and other Southwest U.S. canyons is a great way to break your body, since pools are often shallow and filled with logs and rocks. If you are going to jump into a canyon pool, make sure to send someone to scout the pool ahead of time AND be confidant you’re comfortable with the consequences. It takes MANY hands and hours to rescue you when you’re 3 hours into the backcountry in a deep slot canyon.

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Class C Canyoning in the French and Italian Alps

I don’t typically enjoy homemade canyoneering videos… but this one from British adventurer Steve Flanagan is pretty good. Short and sweet, with a great soundtrack to boot, the video features some sweet Class C canyoning in the French and Italian Alps. The slides, jumps, and water quality are brilliant, and Steve throws in some neat effects for our entertainment. On a related note, a brand new guidebook to the canyons of the Ticino, Switerland region recently emerged IN ENGLISH. This region features canyons very similar to those in the above video: lots of flowing water, hard rock, and a good mix of rappelling/sliding/jumping scenarios. With over 100 routes, I’m guessing this book would set a well-trained, well-equipped group up for a great week- to month-long adventure trip to Ticino.

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