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Travel Journal: The Joy of Sleeping Under The Stars

Sleeping under the stars has inspired many poetic escapes into the wilderness, yet many nature lovers have never stripped away their tent or shelter and met the night sky on such intimate terms. Having recently been enjoying a number of starry nights on Wire Mesa, I thought I’d reflect on my love of sleeping out… I remember the first time I slept out under the stars on a late summer night, deep in North Cascades National Park. In short, I was terrified. In the early hours of the morning, I awoke to rustling, and saw shadowy, shapeless forms darting through my camp. I was alone and helpless, not sure if I should play dead, yell, or cry. I remained quiet, listening for sounds of aggression, or some indicator of what sort of beast was stalking me. The sound multiplied, and a pack – whatever had found me – was clearly arranging a strategic ambush. Still wrapped up in my sleeping bag, I managed to wiggle over to my backpack, and find my headlamp. Its light illuminated beady eyes watching me intently from the undergrowth. I held my breath waiting for it to move, and then something bolted in front of … Continue reading

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