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Recent Zion Canyoneering Conditions Report

We’ve been talking to canyoneers coming through the store lately, asking about conditions in the popular technical canyons. Here are a few recent briefs: Pine Creek (4/16) “Water flow heavy. A LOT of swimming and a lot of belaying to get folks to anchors. Not recommended for folks without flowing water experience.” “Class C the whole way. First rappel: Flowing water will push you immediately into the  second section, must be ready for it with slack on your line. 3rd rappel: Must be on belay to safely set rope for the descend (we used a line from someone still on the log overhang prior to entering the pool before the drop. Swimming all the way to the 4th/5th rappel, which were no problem. Don’t bring beginners at this time.” Keyhole (4/16) “Water flowing but still fun and straightforward if you are prepared for cold water.” Birch Hollow (4/?) Recently reported as flowing. Little detail available. Fat Man’s Misery (4/16) “Much cold water in the slot sections… protection recommended. Heavy flow in Parunuweap forced us to use the loose gully exit, which kinda sucks, but not too bad. Flowers just starting to bloom… should be fantastic in a couple weeks.”

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