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Natural Canyon Toboggans Galore!

The sound effects may be questionable, but the fun certainly is not. Thanks to these Europeans for reminding us what life is like in the wet stuff.

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Flowing Water Makes Spring Canyoneering Awesome

In The Secret Knowledge of Water (I think), Craig Childs writes about canyons as enormous, beautiful machines for moving water. The desert’s plumbing system, if you will. Twists and turns and slopes and swirls, all carved, grain by grain, by water making its way downward, in unthinking efficiency. And the remnant of this dynamic fluidity, these rushes and trickles and torrents, are our canyons. If you’ve never experienced a flowing canyon, it might be difficult to understand how alive a canyon can be, how someone could equate a flowing canyon to a living, breathing animal or being. And you might be GLAD you’ve never been in a flowing canyon, as most people equate flowing canyons with life-threatening flash floods, borne from summer thunderstorms. Every spring, however, as the snow melts from higher elevations and the saturated soils rejects spring rains, the canyons reliably flow, creating a wonderful world of water music, waterfalls, and raised voices, straining over the cacophony of running water. While spring canyoneering often requires drysuits or wetsuits to fend off frigid waters, the fun it absolutely worth it. There is nothing like enjoying a good dousing while rappelling through a waterfall, or swimming in deep, fresh water between narrow … Continue reading

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Canyon Video: Waterfalls and Flowing Water Near Ouray

Here’s a fun video of Class C canyoneering in the Ouray, CO area. It’s a little intimidating to see snow falling in August, but it looks like the crew stayed warm enough to have a good time. If you’re thinking of planning a Ouray trip for next summer, Micheal Dallin’s new guide book is a treasure trove of local canyon beta. Thanks to Mr. Matt Brejcha, who originally posted this vid on the Yahoo Canyons Group.

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Class C Conditions in Boundary Canyon

An all-ZAC crew descended Boundary Canyon last Thursday, finding conditions much wetter (and louder) than expected. The heavy snowpack and high summer precipitation of 2010 continues to keep things cool, watery, and exciting on the Kolob plateau. While high water conditions keep canyoneers out of Kolob Canyon, it also creates opportunities to see other canyons in prime conditions. While it’s typically a rare treat to descend Boundary with decent flow, it looks like conditions have been fairly wet there on a consistent basis this summer. Thanks to Tom for posting the trip report on his Latest Rave (check it out for all the photos and details), and to Talia, Sarah, Bailey, and Magda for adding beauty and comraderie to Tom’s shots. I can only hope I’m out in the canyons with four adventurous women when I’m Tom’s age!

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