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Rick Ianniello Offers Beta on Unpublished Las Vegas Canyons

Las Vegas canyoneer Rick Ianneillo recently made news for substantially injuring himself when his anchor failed in a Mt. Charleston area canyon. Though Ianneillo only fell about 15′, his injuries were fairly serious, requiring a 911 call and evacuation by local SAR personnel. You can learn a lot from his detailed, frank, and humorous¬†account of the accident. On a related note, Ianniello has been exploring and documenting canyons in the Las Vegas area, primarily high on Mt. Charleston, along the Red Rock escarpment, and down along the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. He plans to eventually assemble a guide book to the area, but for now, photos, beta, and stories of his explorations are available at his website, Las Vegas Slots Canyoneering Project. As usual, it’s difficult to predict the quality of the canyons he’s exploring (explorers always seem to think “their” canyons are great), but perhaps Ianniello’s beta can connect other explorers and boil down a good collection of outings in the Greater Vegas area. If you’re looking for Vegas adventures, or have a bunch of them under your belt, you might connect with Ianniello to collaborate.

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