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Trip Report: Spearhead Canyon, Zion National Park

Spearhead Canyon, Zion National Park, Oct 14 and 15, 2010 Second descent (probable) by Steve Ramras, Jenny West, Pascal van Duin and Tom Jones Prior History Brian Cabe and I ascended Hook Canyon to the Majestic/Cathedral pass and summit plateau in October 2000, and descended the canyon the next day. We found no evidence of descents in the upper canyon, but the final chimney section (below The Spearhead) was bolted for descent. Steve Ramras and Steve Brezovec made an attempt a few years prior, but were defeated by the incredibly thick Manzanita thrash-fest on the summit plateau, and descended via Hook Canyon. In July 2009, after extensive fires burned off the Manzanita, Luke (Bluugnome) from Las Vegas and companion climbed the Behunin Ridge for an attempt on the canyon, but did not proceed past the summit plateau, exiting via Hook Canyon. Spearhead has substantial logistical difficulties. How do you get to the head? How much rope to carry? Where is there water? Because it is about a day and a half long, perhaps one should do it in high summer with the long days… then again, since it lacks significant water, maybe that is not such a good idea. We … Continue reading

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Trip Reports from The Subway & Mystery Canyon

Trip reports are a tricky business. How does one write and engaging account of an amazing rock climb, canyon descent, or mountain bike ride? I have certainly read some great accounts in novel-length format (see Touching the Void, by Joe Simpson, or The Way Out, by Craig Childs), but it seems impossible to include the emotion, personal narrative, or life-scope impact of such books in a 2 – 20 paragraph summary. I see many well-written and highly detailed trip reports in on-line discussion groups, but I often have difficulty getting through them without photographs to compliment the storyline. Personally, I like an illustrated story, one where I can see the cast of characters and have some context concerning the environment. While photographs certainly aren’t a silver bullet, they do help me get a sense of a place or a route, if not the experience of the author(s). And frankly, when I am searching future trips on-line, I am more interested in the route than anonymous adventurers’ trials and exaltations. To my point, this morning I came across these recent trip reports from descents of The Subway and Mystery Canyon by a blogger possibly named Marcy (?). If you haven’t visited … Continue reading

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Class C Conditions in Boundary Canyon

An all-ZAC crew descended Boundary Canyon last Thursday, finding conditions much wetter (and louder) than expected. The heavy snowpack and high summer precipitation of 2010 continues to keep things cool, watery, and exciting on the Kolob plateau. While high water conditions keep canyoneers out of Kolob Canyon, it also creates opportunities to see other canyons in prime conditions. While it’s typically a rare treat to descend Boundary with decent flow, it looks like conditions have been fairly wet there on a consistent basis this summer. Thanks to Tom for posting the trip report on his Latest Rave (check it out for all the photos and details), and to Talia, Sarah, Bailey, and Magda for adding beauty and comraderie to Tom’s shots. I can only hope I’m out in the canyons with four adventurous women when I’m Tom’s age!

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