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Imlay Conditions and Trip Report, September 25th

Did Imlay/Sneak yesterday with Evergreen Dean and a couple of his friends, and Elisa from ZAC and Tim who works at the Lodge. For the first time EVER (well, almost, one odd exception) I encountered another group in Imlay – 4 nice people doing the Full. Imlay Canyon is full full full. Of both water and sand. Only one pothole exit required an assist, others were just ‘beached whale moves’. Okay, the pothole near the end (3rd to last rap) required some log manipulation and difficult climbing supplied by Tim. Some of the pools were skanky skanky skanky… We replaced 3-4 pieces of webbing around logs. Out in the Zion Narrows hike about 6 p.m. A good time had by all. Tom Editor’s note: Find the full trip report and pictorial essay on The Latest Rave.

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