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Getting Yourself Into Canyoneering in 2012

A new year often conjures new goals, dreams, and adventures for many outdoor-types. If you’re hoping to get into canyoneeering this year, one of your big questions might be something like, “I don’t want to go out there and kill myself… Where do I start?” As guides, we hear this question often from our clients… but of course, they have already begun by seeking out canyoneering classes. If you haven’t gotten that far into your plan yet, here’s some advice for getting on rope and out into the canyons. Where to begin? Apparently, you’re starting in the right place: researching available canyonering information via the internet, and maybe books, magazines, and other resources. While there is no “one place” to learn all the goods on canyoneering, there are a few great go-to resources to check out: The Internet First, spend an hour or two with every beginner’s favorite FREE canyon resource, Tom’s Utah Canyoneering Guide. When Tom Jones (MIT-educated gearhead and former Black Diamond designer, not the infamous Vegas crooner) got into canyoneering around 2001, he started a website to share information on canyoneering routes, techniques, equipment, and ethics with the world at large, in hopes of making connections with others … Continue reading

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Two Spots Open for Upcoming Three-Day Canyoneering Course

I am teaching a Three-Day Basic Canyoneering course over Labor Day weekend (sort of), Sept 2, 3, and 4. We have two places available for this course. Cost is $550.00 per person. This course is tailored to people who have been down a canyon or two, and wish to jump up their skills and experience considerably. Each course is customized to the participants, however, the two people already signed up for the course have done a canyon or two, and have experience caving. Get more information or sign up here. Tom

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