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Product Review: Bagarino 2010

Let’s take a moment today to discuss that unheralded hero of so many canyon equipment quivers: the rope bag. Much like your typical offensive lineman, a good rope bag often goes unnoticed, quietly helping all the sexy stuff happen while reliably toiling away in the background. Why use rope bags these silly, expensive rope bags, you say? Three big efficiency-increasing reasons: 1. Rope bags reduce ungainly tangles, knots, and bird’s nests by giving us the opportunity to account for and isolate both ends of the rope OUTSIDE the bag. 2. Rope bags allow us to only deploy the amount of rope needed for the rappel (e.g. 20′ of rope for a 10′ rappel as opposed to uncoiling all or half of a long rope). 3. Rope bags allow us to put away longer ropes MUCH more quickly and easily than any coiling technique I’ve ever seen or used. Though rope bags come in many shapes and sizes, today we’ll focus on my favorite rope bag, the Bagarino. This member of the Imlay Canyon Gear (ICG) rope bag family is smaller than the Silo series, and larger than the Bagettes. The Bagarino holds up to 190-200′ of 8mm Bluwater Canyon Pro … Continue reading

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