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ZAC 15th Anniversary Party Report

By all accounts, we had an awesome 15th Anniversary celebration yesterday evening at Zion Adventure Company World Headquarters. With help from GT and Zion Party Rentals, we transformed our parking lots into a super classy atmosphere, with white table cloths, chinese lanterns, copious party lights, hundreds of sunflowers, and our own custom fortune cookies. On top of all that, Grumpy Goat Pizza set up their SWEET stone oven in the parking lot and pumped out stellar pizzas and dessert pizzas all night. The scene around the pizza table was somewhat piranic… as soon as the pies hit the table, they were gone. We had a great crowd join us, including clients from around the country, some of our favorite local supporters, and even a few curious passersby. We enjoyed a fresh-off-the-press anniversary video from Anna, some inspiring and moving words from Jonathan, and of course lots of love and laughter from everyone who showed up. Huge thanks to Lanell Dike, who spearheaded the party, and everyone who lent a hand making it happen.

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