Two Great Events Today in Springdale

Jim Jones in his home studio

I want to get the word out about two great events happening today in Springdale:

• Worthington Gallery is hosting a tribute gathering in honor of renowned, late Zion painter Jim Jones. Jones passed away in 2009, but his incredible talent, vision, and color lives on in his work, which will be on display at the Gallery. Along with fantastic art, there will be wine, light fare, and even live music under the gorgeous cottonwood trees at the Worthington. Jim Jones Giclee prints will be sold at 25% off this evening, and all proceeds from the event go towards construction of the Jim Jones-inspired Southern Utah Museum of Art Center.

• Dr. Gary McClellan Bell, professor at Texas Tech University, will give a lecture entitled A Century of Mismanagement: A Brief History of Wildfire in America. The Z-Arts!-sponsored lecture will take place at the Canyon Community Center at 7:00 PM, and admission is free. Here is the press release:

Dr. Bell will discuss the history of wild land fire in America, human responses to that natural phenomenon, with a particular focus on the twentieth century, and then an analysis of the hugely powerful and complex forces, including tremendous economic incentives, that almost guarantee a continued increase in wild land fire size and intensity, damage to natural and human property, and an increasing threat to human life.

That’s a mouthful, huh? Wildland fire is a super-important issue in most of the Mountain West, and especially in small towns like ours with small fire departments (and small fire department budgets). Come learn about the complex problems and challenges surrounding the wildland-urban interface, and how things fire challenges have grown so formidable in the West.

If you plan well, you can probably hit both these events tonight. Hit the Worthington Gallery early, around 6:00, then head up to the CCC around 6:45 for the lecture. With a late dinner to boot, it could shape up to be a wonderful night on the town in our very small, but very cultured, little town.


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