CCC Lecture 12/17: “Global Warming: Its Causes & Effects”

Zion Canyon Field Institute is bringing Dr. Eric Grimsrud in from Kalispell, MT this Saturday evening to talk about global warming and the nefarious gap between scientific evidence and contrasting public opinion. Dr. Grimsrud is the author of Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen, and Grandpa on Climate Change: Bridging the Gap between Scientific and Public Opinion, the result of his many years of involvement in the global discussion of climate change while teaching atmospheric chemistry at Montana State University. On his website, he prefaces his book with this statement:

We are now live in critical moment in the history of human civilization and have a choice of monumental importance to make.

Are we or are we not going to aggressively address the issue of anthropogenic global warming? If we do, the short term costs are likely to be quite high. If we don’t, however, the longer term consequences are sure to be horrendous even during the lives of my grandchildren.

So, how do we decide which of these choices to make?  For starters, we must learn what Mother Nature will actually do in response to the decisions we make – and what She does do can be predicted only via our understanding of the science involved. Therefore, a primary goal of Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen, and Grandpa on Climate Change is to provide the general public with an improved understanding of the various causes of climate change. Of course, the economic and social aspects of addressing climate change are also important to us all and these topics will be discussed as well.

Dr. Grimsrud’s lecture begins at 7:30 PM at the Canyon Community Center, just up the street from Zion Adventure Company on Lion Boulevard in Springdale. Admission is free. Hope to see you there!


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