High Adventure Tubing Season Begins in Springdale

On Friday, the mighty Virgin River slowed enough to commence High Adventure Tubing season. The fast-paced, 2-mile river run is full of unknown thrills and sure to produce memorable stories for anyone willing to take the journey. The trip currently takes just 50 minutes (the same stretch takes 90 – 120 minutes at lower water levels) and reveals a wealth of excitement and refreshingly brisk water.

We offer High Adventure Tubing for individuals ages 18+ whom are ready for a wild ride. This is not lazy-day tubing suited for your great-aunt Betty; exposed rocks, roots, and logs create obstacles along the way, making mobility, awareness, and a positive attitude essential skills in navigating the Virgin’s swift flow. The trip is ideal for anyone seeking to cool off from Zion’s scorching rays while enjoying an active, physical, and exciting float on the Virgin through the heart of Springdale.

For each of the past several mornings, the tube squad and I have geared up and floated the river to monitor conditions and better learn each twist, turn, and rapid.  Even for us tubing masters (hahaha), it’s difficult to make it down the whole way without at least one or two quick spills into the drink. In general, though, High Adventure Tubing is a ton of fun, and great to take advantage of now, while the river is roaring. In just a few weeks, the river will be much lower; while it will be fun to see little kids and families in the river, I’ll be looking forward to next year’s high water already.

Heads-Up: We run a Early Bird Special on tubing throughout the season for those excited to warm up the tubes and get in the river. For our 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. runs, we offer a $2/person discount. Score!

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One Response to High Adventure Tubing Season Begins in Springdale

  1. avatar Jay Lott says:

    Looks like a great time. Love the idea of the High Adventure Tubing.