BYU Offers Canyon Gear Prizes for Accident Info

Dr. Steve Kugath, a professor in the Outdoor Recreation Department at BYU-Idaho, recently announced a “accident info for gear” opportunity worth checking out. I haven’t heard about this project before, but ostensibly it will help gather and aggregate information about who, how, when, why canyoneers get into trouble out there. For each entry you submit (one entry per accident/incident), you are thrown into the hopper for a chance to win one of the prizes (see below). The survey says it takes 15-20 minutes to fill out, but a thorough job would probably take more like 30 – 60 minutes. Not sure how they will prevent folks from entering sparse submission just to rack up their odds of winning prizes, but hopefully the spirit of the effort will prevail and they’ll get lots of good data.

Here’s Steve’s announcement:

Sliding scale answer forms... Cool.

Hey Canyoneers!

We’re developing a Canyoneering Accident/Near Miss/Epic Database. Information collected will be made available to the public for free. Our goal of the project is to educate and encourage safe canyoneering practice. The data base will include synopses and analysis of accidents/near misses/epics; group member’s names will not be included so don’t be shy about reporting your mishaps. In addition all the reports will be combed to identify key elements or themes that are precursors to accidents/near misses/epics.

Thanks to the many canyoneers who have provided excellent input the last few months in developing the survey…though certainly not perfect we hope it will be a great start. The survey will take some time depending on the details of your incident…perhaps 20 minutes. Feel free to submit information on as many incidents as you’ve experienced. The survey is located here…at least check it out.

To encourage your participation we have collected some awesome prizes (thanks again to all who contributed): Here is the list of gear to give away so far (anyone else wishing to give away some gear/services to help with this project please contact me at kugaths at byui dot edu):

Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner

An Imlay Canyon Kolob Pack
4 Rock Exotica Pirate Locking Carabiners
a one year subscription to
A stealth black Totem device
An Imlay Canyon 9.2 mm x 200 foot Canyonero rope
A copy of Dave Black’s Canyoneering: A guide to Techniques for Wet and Dry Canyons Book
2 outdoor sticker packs with stickers from 5.10. Marmot, Outdoor Research, Mammut, PMI, Go Lite, Sierra Designs, Rock Exotica, Blue Water, NRS, La Sportiva, Kavu, Princeton Tec, Black Diamond, Scarpa, Sterling Rope, Osprey, Edelrid, Big Agnes, Omega Pacific, Dakine and Petzl

So check out the survey and submit your information…Deadline is July 1st 2012!

Canyoneering gear giveaway rules:
1. Canyoneers may complete as many Accident/Near Miss/Epic questionnaires as they like…please only submit incidents you witnessed or were involved in.
2. Surveys must be completed to be considered an entry.
3. Deadline for Survey completion is 11:59 PM July 1st 2012.
4. A random list of winners will be drawn from all entries. The first person selected will have their choice of any of the prizes. Second person selected will have their choice of any of the remaining prizes and so on til all prizes are awarded.
5. Only one prize per person.
6. Your chances of winning increase with the number of surveys completed.
7. Names will remain confidential…they will not be included in the Accident/Near Miss/Epic database

Thanks for helping to build this data base and for providing insights into canyoneering accidents!


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