Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival Blooms July 8th – 24th

Spend a day of your Zion visit exploring the cool climes of our close neighbor to the north, Cedar Breaks National Monument. Just over 7,000 feet above Zion, Cedar Breaks only recently melted out of its deep winter snow cover, setting the scene for what promises to be a tremendous wildflower bloom in the coming weeks. To celebrate the bloom, consider participating in the 6th Annual Wildflower Festival, July 8th thru 24th.

In addition to the festivities sponsored by the Monument staff, Zion Canyon Field Institute offers three great classes during the Festival:

Wildflower Photography: Cedar Breaks, with instructor Michael Plyler ($85, July 8th)
Cedar Mountain Wildflowers, with instructor Walt Fertig ($60, July 9th)
Wildflower Journaling at Cedar Breaks, with instructor Sandy Bell ($60, July 11th)

For those excited to get started learning the alpine desert wildflowers of Cedar Breaks, download this Common Wildflowers of Cedar Breaks guide to get your feet wet.

And remember, Cedar Breaks isn’t just for wildflowers lovers. Aside from its lush meadows, Cedar Breaks also features some lovely Bryce-esque amphitheaters of dramatic red sandstone, along with rim-side trails to view them. The alpine air here is typically 30 degrees cooler than Springdale, often with a nice breeze to keep you cool. And if you need more activities to keep you busy, there’s great mountain biking, paddling, fishing, and hiking in the immediate vicinity.

If you’ve never been to Cedar Breaks before and you want to check it out, stop in and see us in Springdale, and we’ll set you up with the right info and tips to make for a great day.


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