New Zion App Released Yesterday – Free for a Limited Time

Outdoor-oriented software developer Chimani announced the release of its newest iPhone/Android app, Chimani Zion National Park. The app is currently available for free on either phone platform, though the copy I downloaded seems to be permanently frozen in “loading” mode. In reading the developer’s commentary on his site, it’s encouraging to know this app, along with it’s brethren (a number of other National Park apps), are personally researched and custom-implemented according to the particular attractions and logistics of each Park.

Having not testing the app yet, however, there is one sign the tool is incomplete. According to the only review on iTunes, The Narrows is not included in the “descriptions for 29 of the most popular hiking trails in the Park”… what, no Narrows? There must be some mistake?!?!

I’ll post more once I get a chance to try it out. For now, here are the details from the product website:

Over 250+ unique points of interest (POIs) throughout Zion National Park. A 45+ minute audio/auto tour, GPS-enabled/custom-made map which works WITHOUT a cell/wifi connection, daily Ranger-Led events schedule, sunrise/sunsets data for over a year, free shuttle bus schedule, 75+ photographs, 29+ hiking trail descriptions, scenic viewpoint guide, a special Safety section, and details on camping, scenic views, points of interest, restrooms, parking, picnicking, and accessibility.


+ Content has been written by a professional travel writer – not copy-and-pasted from the Park Service website!
+ Over 75 professional photographs of park.
+ Descriptions for 29 of the most popular hiking trails with the park.
+ Unique Safety section which details all the concerns while visiting the park.
+ Location and description of EVERY restroom in the park!
+ Location and description of EVERY parking lot in the park and Springdale area!
+ Location and description of EVERY picnic area lot in the park!


+ High resolution, custom-made map of the park.
+ Designed to work 100% without a cellphone/WiFi connection.
+ Includes every trail in the park!
+ Over 30,000 map tiles pre-loaded to allow for detailed zoom levels.
+ All trails labeled and displayed based on National Park Service supplied geographic information system data (GIS)
+ Interactive map annotations.
+ GPS “where am I” function for the entire Park (does not work on non-GPS enabled devices such as the iPod Touch)
+ Ability to turn on/off all points of interest “layers” on the map.


+ 45 minute audio tour by a professional voiceover artist.
+ 51 points of interest located in the Zion Canyon, East Side, and Kolob Canyons.


+ Daily National Park Service Ranger-led events are pre-loaded and updated automatically.
+ Includes the time, optional fees, accessibility, meeting location, and description.
+ View multiple days of events.
+ Updated on a regular basis.


+ Sunrise and sunset data for seven of the best locations in the park
+ View any date within 365 days into the future
+ Updated on a regular basis

+ Three “swipe-able pages” of universal National Park Service symbols
+ Search all content within the app
+ Favorites feature

+ Regular push notification for Yosemite National Park facts.
+ Key event alerts.
+ Update notifications as soon as they are available.


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