Help Your Lunch Survive Until Lunchtime


2-Cup Box

Nobody enjoys potato chips soaked marinated in stagnant canyon water. So we test assorted strategies for protecting our grub: different bags, boxes, and containers… carrying our goodies in our pack lids, or hidden inside our helmet during the hike in… I have even used the small space above the webbing in my Ecrin Roc helmet to keep food (and cameras!) dry during swims. But ultimately, what we really need is a tough, reliable, and preferably mindless protection strategy for our food.

If you are weary of fretting over your vulnerable food, check out Snapware. Guide certified and Costco approved, these sealable, clear, plastic containers are reusable, durable, and waterproof. They come in variety of sizes and are great around the house, on the trail, and, of course, in the canyon. Check out their “Food Storage” family, and the “Airtight” products within that family.



If you are an aggressive pack-chucker, please be aware not even Snapware can always hold up to the abuse you dish out – but it usually can! Also, keep in mind throwing your pack into a pool of water creates a momentary vacuum when the pack enters the water. Both dry bags and Snapware are susceptible to water leaking into them in this situation. Double-bagging your Snapware inside a dry bag before chucking the pack greatly increases the odds you end up with dry food.


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