adidas Acquries Five Ten for $25 Million

It’s no secret Five Ten’s sticky rubber and awesome canyoneering shoes are a core component of Zion Adventure Company’s product offerings. So when I heard this morning Five Ten is being acquired by global behemoth adidas, I sat up to pay attention.

Evidently, adidas is purchasing Five Ten for $25M. You might think adidas would then immediately send the Five Ten plant over to China, but apparently they intend to keep Five Ten operations in Redlands, CA (where the company was founded in 1985) and perhaps even expand operations there. Whatever they do, I hope they o continue supporting their small, but important (to canyoneers) canyoneering segment, which continues to outshine all the other shoes that try (but consistently fail) to eclipse the fantastic 5.10 Canyoneer. Five Ten was small enough that canyoneering shoes were a decent slice of their sales, but for a billion-dollar company like adidas, I can imagine cutting a shoe line is a pretty insignificant thing.

Another question I read on the net regards Stealth rubber… Will it continue to be available for resoling our climbing shoes? Stealth has become readily available for both self-resole or professional resole, but if adidas decides to cut off the supply to boost sales, that would be a big hit to every climbing rat trying to squeeze a few more years out of her old, mangy shoes.

So anyways, you have the heads-up. Might be a good idea to stock up on Canyoneers and good rubber while you KNOW it’s available. Here’s the news release from the adidas Group.


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