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5-10 Canyoneer 2 recomendation for size 12 very narrow feet, including neo socks.
Jun. 2, 2011
I recommend a size 13 Canyoneer 2 with a 5mm sock. Canyoneers tend to
fit a little wide, so I would want to make sure you have plenty of toe-room.
If you order shoes on-line and end up with cramped toes, we can always exchange for a size 14!


Are dogs allowed to go down the river with us while tubing. I have a 8 month old chocolate lab that I want to bring with us this weekend.
Jul. 1, 2011 by Zean, Nevada
Unfortunately, we don't allow dogs on the tubes. We have seen it tried, and we've tried it ourselves... The fact is, the vast majority of dogs don't enjoy it. Some shiver, some keep jumping off, some scratch the heck out of their humans. Many dogs don't play well with our shuttle dog. And many dogs don't understand they cannot trespass or poop on the private land along the river. So we simply stopped allowing dogs, and it solved all sorts of trouble. Sorry to disappoint!

Are the Narrows going to be hikeable in two weeks?!
Sep. 21, 2011
Yes, The Narrows should be hikeable through the rest of the year. The only times The Narrows officially closes is when snowmelt (typical during April and May) or heavy rain (happens occasionally July - September) causes the water level to rise above 120 - 140 cubic feet per second (CFS). Outside of flooding, The Narrows is open year-round. Fall conditions are typically sublime, as water levers are generally low and ambient air temperatures are still generally warm. Most Narrows hikers are still hiking without dry pants, but this will change over the course of the next month, as shorter days and cooler temperature will make hiking in the river chilly without some thermal protection.

Hope to see you soon!


Considering a trip to Zion in early October (2012) to photograph and enjoy the sheer beauty. I'm wondering about the water levels and the temperatures at that time this year. I would like to go at an optimal time for photography. Thanks for your help.
Jul. 20, 2012
Hi Patricia,

October is, in my opinion, the very best time of year to photography Zion. The maple trees tucked into deep canyons are changing colors, the aspens high on the Kolob Plateau are brilliant yellow, and water levels are low in The Narrows. Temperatures are generally quite reasonable, and the sun is much lower than summer, providing more total hours of pleasant lighting. In summary, you can't go wrong. I would probably aim for the beginning to middle of October, if you have a choice.


Contemplating rv camping at Watchman campground dec 27-jan 1. A little concerned about not being able to reserve. Are there generally spaces available during this holiday week. Should I chance it? Thanks, Monique
Jul. 29, 2012 by Monique Baca-Geary, California
Honestly, I have never tried to camp in Watchman campground over the winter holidays. But I think it is safe to say there are fairly few campers/RVs in Zion during this time. I have visited friends in the Park campgrounds during various times in winter, and it has always been quiet. If it turns out that Watchmen IS full, there are two other RV-friendly campgrounds nearby (Springdale, Virgin) where you could stay.

Good luck!

Do you offer group rates on the Narrows shuttle? Some people will also be renting the fancy shoes We have a group of 10-12 military guys looking for transportation on 28 July.
Jul. 18, 2012 by Glenn Cooley
Good question, Glenn. We offer a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more paying together as a group. Seems like you guys would qualify, if you can figure out how to arrange the single payment.

Do you sell used 5/10 footwear?
Jul. 26, 2012 by Cary Green, Georgia
Yes, we sell well-used shoes for $10. If you call our store, we can help with any question you have.


For the most part Both Bryce and Zion appear to operate on a first come first serve basis for camping. Any suggestions on how to plan a camping trip without knowing if you will have a place to camp?
May. 8, 2012 by Ryan, AL
On any given morning, a number of campers leave the Park campgrounds, so the trick is to be there right away when the campground opens to score a site. There will probably be a few others waiting for sites during busy times, so it pays to arrive early to make sure you get a place to sleep.

While most folks who visit Zion or Bryce prefer to camp inside the National Parks, there are also good camping options outside the Park should the Park campgrounds be full. In Zion, for example, there is one large private campground in Springdale (right across from our building) and another large private campground in Virgin. Some people actually prefer these private campsites because they have showers, while the Park campgrounds do not.

Have 2 clients who want to go canyoning in april to blue john. Do you have any trips running?
Mar. 4, 2011 by pamela sanchez zola, queensland australai
Blue John Canyon is in Robbers Roost, on the other side of Utah, about 5.5 hours from us. A good contact for Blue John is Matt Moore at href="http://www.deserthighlights.com/" target= "blank">Desert Highlights. If he can't take you there, I'm sure he knows who can.

Hi - curious about hiking to Neon Canyon. Is it possible to get there without the rappelling? I've read several descriptions that end with 'return by the trail to.....', and assume it's possible, as you don't rappell back up out of the canyon, but can't find a specific reference to a hiking trail all the way in/out. Thanks.
Sep. 27, 2011 by Michael Walker
There are two answers to your question:

• To access the lower 1/2 mile or so of Neon, you simply follow the Escalante River to Neon's mouth, and walk right in the very wide opening, which is pretty bushy. From here, follow the creek bed about 1/2 mile to Neon's famous Golden Cathedral, and bask for a while in the beauty. The most expedient way to access the Escalante for a Neon-specific visit is from the Egypt Trailhead.

• If you'd like to access upper portions of Neon via foot, you can find a well-established (but not necessarily obvious from the canyon bottom, depending on recent traffic and weather) on the north side of the Neon Canyon, after you've walked in past a few turns. The trail starts in some rubble, then ascends via switchbacks up the slickrock/rubble canyon wall, eventually reaching a relatively flat bench which you can follow along up Neon Canyon. At opportune intervals, you can walk/scramble down to the drainage, though you usually can't travel in it very far before running into water or technical problems requiring rope. Careful up here.

For further details, including the route from Egypt Trailhead to Neon Canyon, look here:


Hi Any idea of how I can find people who are hiking the subway the same day as we are (Sep 15, 2012) in order to have cars both on trail head and trail end? Thanks
Jul. 27, 2012 by Or, Israel
Great question, Or. The best way to do this is probably to get to the parking lot fairly early, then arrange with another group who arrives to share a shuttle situation. The drawback here is you have to end the hike at the same time. When we hiked The Subway recently, we went with just one car. We planned to hitchhike from the lower trailhead, but instead we picked up a couple guys and took them to the top. They agreed to give us a ride to our car at day's end, should we be close to each other, but it was not a firm arrangement. As it turned out, we finished well before them, and hitched a ride to the top with other Subway hikers. So there are lots of ways to figure out rides. If you don't want all the hassle, of course, then arranging a shuttle is an option as well.

Hi Zion Adventure Co! Had a great time hiking the Narrows this past week and couldn't have done it without the gear! I have to ask if the safety video you show is online? If not, can you PLEASE put it online? It's great for a lot of reasons: it's informative, helpful, but possibly my favorite part is the poo bag. I must see it again. Thanks! :)
Oct. 22, 2011 by Jackie, California/Traveling all US currently
Unfortunately, the ONLY place to see our Narrows Orientation video is at Zion Adventure Company world headquarters in Springdale. You'll have to return soon!

Hi! We'll be in Zion later this month. Two of my children (ages 16&13) will need to rent footgear for the Emerald Pool and Narrows trails. Are sizes always available for rental?
Jul. 16, 2011
We generally have shoes available for all sizes at the beginning of each day. However, we regularly receive large volumes of rentals, and sometimes we are sold out of certain sizes by mid-morning. So the surest course of action is to reserve rental equipment, but it is not required and you might be okay with a reservation. If you decide not to reserve, it's best to show up early!

P.S. Emerald Pools is a dry, sandy/rocky trail, so your kids' regular shoes/boots should be fine.

Hi, would you please let me know the average temperature of the water (das boot and mystery canyon) in mid September? if below 60F are there options other then a full wetsuit. THANKS!
Jul. 6, 2012
The avg. water temperature in Das Boot is probably 50 - 55ish in mid September. If you don't want a full wetsuit, we suggest a farmer john. In fact, I was in Das Boot/Subway a couple weeks ago with a farmer john, and I felt that amount of thermal protection was just right. It will be colder in September, but not too much.

I have a shuttle for 3 to Chamberlain Ranch on Friday, July 15th - do we qualify for the new, low promotional rate of $29? Thanks!
Jul. 6, 2011 by john landre
Absolutely, John. Jesse Grant is processing refunds for all existing Chamberlain's Ranch reservations as I type this. You should get your refund when you show up; just come a little early to talk to whomever is working in the shop, and they'll arrange your refund.


I like to visit Zion park and enjoy autumn colors. When is the autumn colors good in Zion? Is It beginning of October or ? Please advise. Thanks, Minna
Jul. 24, 2012 by Minna Lee, CA
Depending on where you are in the Park, the fall color season is fairly long in Zion. Aspens on the Kolob Plateau start changing color as early as mid-September; maples in the upper reaches of various canyons turn throughout October; the cottonwood trees along the Virgin River turn at the beginning of November. The maples are certainly the prettiest, so I'd shoot for October sometime.

I was curious how early people start doing the top down trip subway trip. Also, I have heard some people talk about wetsuits in the early season. Is this something that you guys adamantly suggest?
Apr. 1, 2011 by Ryan Hart
Hi Ryan,

Spring Subway descents are tricky, as the date for reasonable conditions is always different. Generally, very few folks descend the Subway in Spring until some brave souls have visited, found good conditions, and reported back to the wider world. We generally stay in touch with the online forums and talk to clients, so we usually know when a party has announced a "first descent" on a given year.

The problem with conditions is the Subways fills up with snow and ice over the winter. Winter descents can be treacherous, requiring ice axes, crampons, and some good experience. As winter turns to spring, snowmelt creates high-water conditions for an unknown period of time; during flood stage, the Subway is very unsafe to descend. The difficulty is there is no on-line water gauge to determine flow in the Left Fork of North Creek (Subway), so we can't know unless we go. Generally, The Subway conditions shape up sometime between beginning of April to mid-May. During a heavy snow year, it could be later.

Conditions aside, any reasonable party descending The Subway before June brings wetsuits. The water is COLD, and wetsuits are easily worth the extra weight. You won't wear the wetsuits too long (maybe 30 - 90 minutes, depending on sun availability), but you'll be glad you have them.

Good luck planning your trip, and stay safe out there.

I was in Zion a few years ago and visited your store. You had some rental Kokatat drysuits for sale. I just wanted to check if you currently had any used ones for sale or if you had a sale planned in the future
Feb. 7, 2011 by Mike Kuper, Colorado
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your inquiry. We have sold our rental drysuits every year, or every other year, in the past. Looks like this will be an "off" year, as we are retaining suits to stock our Lake Powell boat. Shelley, our store manager, says to look for rental suits for sale in Spring 2012.


I will be coming to Zion to hike the Subway on Monday, September 12th. What are current conditions for this hike?
Sep. 9, 2011
We sent Dave into The Subway to find out. Here's his first-person account:


I'm planning a river tubing trip, July 10, 2012. 1) Are you open? 2) Is the river generally runnable this time of year? What's the price per adult including renting tubes and shuttle. Thanks!
Dec. 13, 2011 by Jean-Pol Ponce, Belgium
YES, we'll certainly be open next July. And YES, the river should be great for tubing. How high/low the water will be will depend on the winter snowfall... sometimes the river is fairly low by July, and other times (like 2011), it is still quite high. Tube rental, which includes shuttle service, was $15/person in 2010. We have not finalized prices for 2012, but I imagine it will be the same or a little more.

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