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Two Spots Open for Upcoming Three-Day Canyoneering Course

I am teaching a Three-Day Basic Canyoneering course over Labor Day weekend (sort of), Sept 2, 3, and 4. We have two places available for this course. Cost is $550.00 per person. This course is tailored to people who have been down a canyon or two, and wish to jump up their skills and experience considerably. Each course is customized to the participants, however, the two people already signed up for the course have done a canyon or two, and have experience caving. Get more information or sign up here. Tom

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Wilderness First Responder Courses This November

This November, we are offering a full 5-day Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course (11/5 – 11/9, $750) and a WFR Recert course (11/7 – 11/9, $425). Most outdoor professionals and many outdoor enthusiasts already know all about WFR, but for those new to WFR, I thought answer a few common questions: What is WFR? Wikipedia explains it better than I could: “Wilderness First Responder training focus on teaching the students to assess a situation, improvise solutions using available resources to stabilize the patient, and identify the best way to get the patient to definitive medical treatment. In many courses, students are encouraged to develop the habit of systematically thinking through and documenting their assessment decisions/plans using a SOAP note. Topics covered usually include, but are not limited to, the following principles Basic Life Support Responding to results of trauma: burns, wounds, infections, fractures, spinal injuries Responding to the onset of sudden illness Transport/evacuation planning and implementation” Who is WFR for? WFR courses have become a defacto training job requirement for anyone working in the outdoor industry. Many non-professional outdoor enthusiasts, however, also take WFR courses to stay safe and able in remote environments. Whether you’re a backpacker 20 miles away from a … Continue reading

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ZAC Memories in Verse from Bob Shear

Bob Shear was kind enough to send us this EPIC poem, written in antiquity, describing the adventure he and his brothers had with us in early 2000. Thanks, Bob! My brothers and I went to ZAC in March 2000 for a half-day training and a self-guided descent of Keyhole Canyon. Though we were all in our 50s, we had never really done anything together, and it became quite an adventure. Two of us, myself and Dick, continued on with canyoneering for quite a while. I still have my gear, and hopes to return to Zion some day soon. Anyway, in the fall of that year, my brother, Chet, and I got into a little poetry competition, and I wrote the story of our Zion Adventure in (not very good) verse. Here it is: It started in March, Millenium Year Phone call from brother: “Hey, come on out here.” “We can hike canyons and rap off the cliffs. Come on you sissies, no buts, ands, or ifs.” So onto the planes got two city Shears Not been together for so many years. First came the elder, a poet to some. Then came the younger, least athletic one. Slot machine airport, crude … Continue reading

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ZAC Memories from Ellen Comiskey

Hi Jonathan, Our family spent a good part of one of our greatest vacations with you. In April 2004 (when your wife was pregnant with your first child), our kids were age 10, 13, 14. We came out to Utah (from Wisconsin) in early April for a week. We climbed in St. George, and went canyoneering with you and Dwayne. Today the youngest, now 18, left to go to Peru for a year, and as I think back to the wonderful times we had together, I am glad we had the opportunity to spend time doing great, fun things in the natural world under the guidance of fun and knowledgeable people like yourselves. We never could have done that on our own. The whole family remembers the great time we were able to have because you were able to take us there. Thanks. We will be back, eventually… I hope you are well. Congrats on your 15th anniversary! Love, Ellen Comiskey

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15th Anniversary Video Contest Entries Posted

With the August 15th deadline behind us, we have now posted the videos submitted to our 15th Anniversary Photo/Video contest to our YouTube page. Check out the great series of videos, ranging from ice climbing Southern Utah icefalls, to swing dancing atop Angels Landing, to sauntering through the Kanarra Creek slot canyon. All the videos are eligible for prizes, and we’re hoping you’ll weight in to help us pick the winners. We need to make decisions by September 1, so check out the vids and let us know which one you love most. Thanks to Jeff Guest, Casey Niederhauser, Mary Wang, Po-kai Chen, and Shane Burrows for submitting videos to the contest!

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ZAC Memories from Client Paulette Pan

This note came in recently from Paulette Pan, an early ZAC client. Thanks for reconnecting with us, Paulette! We have been receiving a bunch of stories and letters from our clients, in celebration of our 15th Anniversary this year; if you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you. Wow 15 years! Congrats!  I think we were among the customers in the Early Years then. 1999. I still remember everything: me being obnoxious in the store, bumping into you at dinner/drinks at our b&b, watching the shooting stars in the back of your pickup truck and talking til dawn about life, chasing your dreams, etc. Not to mention the hike/wade/swim in the canyon the next day with my friends Amy & Anita and Amy’s dad. I was grateful for your recommendations to use the poles! I went back in fall 2001 as part of a solo tour through national parks between Vegas and Moab, though it somehow didn’t feel the same. I guess it never does. I should go back again someday and do a southern loop through Lake Powell. But I left San Fran for Germany in 2006 (to chase my dreams of moving back to … Continue reading

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Zion Adventure Team, Assemble!

In celebration of the Narrows opening, the team congregated at Springdale River Park for a festive dessert potluck Wednesday that, in the words of outfitter Zach Pollock, “had enough sugar to satisfy the great Willy Wonka’s sweet tooth.” It’s a rare and special time when we can gather our entire staff together in one place to celebrate all the work we do to help vistors experience Zion. Everyone received our 2011 “Adventure Team” shirts (thus the extreme color coordination above) as a thank you for the early-morning shuttle driving, late-night boot cleaning, heat-of-the-sun tube slinging, and all-day guiding. Above are our local heros posing in their new Adventure Team Wear.

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Announcing our 15th Anniversary Photo/Video Contest

In a love letter my wife many years ago, she wrote, “Nature constantly sends us messages, and if we listen to nature, we can better listen to ourselves.” The meaning is as poignant today as it was then: nature is us and we are nature. Every time we try to control Nature, we are only controlling ourselves; every time we separate ourselves from Nature, we step further away from the wildness inside us. This year at ZAC, we celebrate 15 years trying to live in harmony with Nature, evolving and honing our products and programs to better align with nature’s message. Our new slogan, “Let Nature Be Your Guide,” is a perennial reminder that we can always look to Nature for answers to our most important questions. One of the ways we are celebrating are 15th Anniversary is a Photo and Video Contest for everyone and anyone to participate in. If you have visited Zion or Southern Utah and have captured images or documented stories you feel speak to the theme, “Let Nature Be Your Guide,” please join the contest and share your work with our community. The contest is free to enter, and you can find complete rules and … Continue reading

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Memories from ZAC Client Jerry King

Few clients have accrued more stories with Zion Adventure Company than Jerry King. Jerry’s been adventuring with us for the better part of a decade, annually bringing neophytes to Zion for their canyoneering baptisms. When Jerry saw we were looking for 15th Anniversary stories, naturally he jumped right in. Thanks for sharing your time and passion with us, Jerry. ****** HOLY COW! THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS…. ONE-DAY BASIC PROGRAM, OCTOBER 2005 After treks into The Narrows the previous couple of years, it was time to step up my game, so I signed on to a basic canyoneering course by the good folks at the ZAC. I anticipated a simple program… perhaps some white-board talk and a gear review in the ZAC shop, and maybe a little time in the field. Wrong! Our group of four neophytes headed out at 7:30 am for a Class III slot canyon. OK…so this might be a bit more serious than I thought. Oh… but I didn’t know how right that observation was! After a 45-minute drive into the backcountry, we hiked a couple miles to the head of our canyon “classroom”. After practicing some important knots and a reviewing the equipment we had been given, … Continue reading

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ZAC Spring Training: Preparing to Give You Our Very Best

When I think about what training means to me, I feel an immense urge to smile. In many places, training is a stressful endeavor – here, not so much. That’s not to say there is nothing stressful about ZAC training, but everyone shares the process, which helps us make the most out of our time together. No one is out of the loop, so to speak. Our managing partners, multi-year staff, and new team members all sit down together to hash out how to make this place great for customers and each other. Part of that process is identifying similarities and differences between us all, but the most important part is forming relationships with one another. Our group at Zion Adventure Company is unique, in that we are all friends. When I got the assignment to put together a video highlighting moments in our training, I was psyched. Training is something I look forward to. We spend time talking about ZAC philosophy and shop duties, then we go outside… TO PLAY! Training this year involved canyoneering, climbing, biking, hiking, and fording the Virgin River in dry suits. Obviously, however, not everything is fun and games… One of the most amazing … Continue reading

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