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Grand Canyon Slideshow & Documentary Sneak Peak

Todd Martin and Rich Rudow will be in St. George on December 15th to present their multimedia talk, “Grand Canyoneering,” an account in words and pictures of their incredibly in-depth explorations of the Grand Canyon’s hidden slot canyons. Todd & Rich are promoting Todd’s recently published book, also entitled Grand Canyoneering, which has met wide acclaim in the canyoneering community for its detail, thoroughness, and aesthetic. Bring along an extra $30, and you can take home a copy of Grand Canyoneering for the wonderful armchair canyoneering season ahead. Photographer and videographer extraordinaire, Dan Ransom, will join the GC guys to show some sneak peeks from his upcoming film, “Last of the Great Unknown.” Dan’s film brings us into some of these gorgeous, remote canyons through the eyes, ropes, and helmet cams of the canyoneers who found these canyons and were likely the first people to descend them. Check out the link above for a taste… come to the event for a more nourishing helping. Available space for this presentation is filling up quickly. To reserve seats for your group, visit the Grand Canyoneering Facebook event page and simply request a number of seats for your group.

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Video: Swiss Canyoning in the Eldorado Ticino

Joe Bugden posted this video over on the Canyons Group, and it’s a great sneak-peek for anyone intrigued with Euro-style canyoning. Much argument and discussion surround European “canyoning” vs. American “canyoneering,” but the differences between the two are more related to the geologic nature of the canyons on the two continents than anything cultural or “stylistic.” Most European canyons, like these sweet granite canyons in the video, are slots of hard rock and regular waterflow, Class C waterparks with cold, crystal-clear water. By their nature, these canyons feature deep plunge pools and beautiful water flumes, perfect for sliding, jumping, and regularly leaving the rope in your pack. You can find similar canyons/conditions in places around the globe; where you don’t find many, however, is in the American Southwest. Since our slots are made of sandstone, they form very differently and don’t develop the same features. The upside is we get really beautiful, narrow canyons, awesome for stemming, slithering, and year-round access (most Euro canyons are covered in snow in the winter). The downside is we don’t get to jump or slide very much, as our pools (when present) are often shallow and filled with leg-breaking canyon debris. Thanks to Mr. … Continue reading

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October in The Narrows Video

One of my very favorite things about hiking The Narrows this time of year is the incredibly clear water. Unlike April through September, when the Virgin River can be silty or muddy from recent rains, the fall/winter season typically features crystal-clear, blue-green waters… you can see straight through to the myriad river rocks below. The above video, sent to us from a couple recent Narrows clients, shows a glimpse of these conditions, as well as great examples of the deep wades, river crossings, and general splendor a Narrows hike brings. Enjoy!

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Video: Hip RV Roamers Spotlight Springdale

Nikki and Jason Wynn were recently in Springdale with their eco-RV (is that a contradiction in terms?) and made a nice little spotlight on our fair town. The video has been making the local email/Facebook rounds… seems like most of the locals are very pleased with the Wynns’ work. If you haven’t been to Springdale before, the Springdale episode of “Gone with the Wynns” will give you a glimpse of our slice of paradise… and perhaps your next adventure destination? So this eco-RV… It apparently gets up to 17 mpg (about the same as my Toyota Tacoma) and pulls 1/5 the battery juice of an average RV. Does that make it “green”? I don’t know, but it seems a lot better than the average 6 mph RV rolling through Springdale. Are RVs the next big thing for Gen X? Seems like a lot of folks my age are into the old Airstreams and DYI teardrop trailers, so maybe the 20-to-40 crowd is just waiting for some cool RVs to come along. But something tells me that size is a major factor, and a 31-foot vehicle might not be the answer to a true adventurer’s travel dreams. If you’re curious about the supposed world of … Continue reading

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Large Ungulate Torpedoes South African Mountain Biker

I’ve never seen deer or mountain sheep on Gooseberry Mesa, but now I’m nervous. If a “red hartebees” can get this aggressive, then I’m assuming any ungulate can. Could a cow pull this kind of Superman missile move? Can you imagine a cow taking you out on the JEM trail? Sheesh.

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Yankee Doodle Canyon Video by Jeff Guest

Canyoneer and budding movie-maker Jeff Guest, who won our 15th Anniversary Video Contest earlier this month, recently posted another fun adventure video, this one featuring a fairly large group descent of Yankee Doodle Canyon. My favorite sequences are the ones where Jeff uses his camera boom to self-film (isn’t it weird how his wrist stays still while everything else moves?), and the ones where the guys run down the canyon in fast-forward, creating some serious blitz speed. While I’m not sure I need to see every single person descent every single drop, Guest keeps the pace pretty brisk, and the music and his occasional speed variations do their part to keep my interest. If I’d never been to Yankee Doodle before, I’d probably think it’s about 4x longer than this video makes it appear… nothing like the power of modern media to distort reality, for better (in this case) or worse. Nice work, Mr. Guest.

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Radical Reels Film Fest Coming to Springdale In Two Weeks!

Banff Mountain Film Festival’s “Radical Reels” Tour 8 PM, Monday, October 3rd Tanner Amphitheater, Springdale, Utah  In just two weeks, Zion Adventure Company hosts the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s “Radical Reels” program here in Springdale. Radical Reels is the compact version of the larger BMFF World Tour, the outdoor documentary film series which has garnered wide acclaim around the world. Here’s how the Banff Centre describes this awesome, action-packed film series: The Radical Reels program is made up of short, action-packed climbing, paddling, mountain biking, BASE jumping, skiing, snowboarding, and other adrenaline sport films. We always keep an eye out for films that feature a fresh approach, a new sport, and a radically independent spirit.  This year’s films include paddling, skateboarding, skiing, climbing, and snowboarding – downhill AND cross-country! For a more specific idea of the fantastic adventure films on this year’s program, check out the film schedule on the Radical Reels website. Radical Reels admission is $5, in advance or at the door. Advance ticket purchasers get 20% off dinner at Whiptail Grill OR The Flying Monkey before the show, so make sure to arrive in Springdale early to take advantage of a great night out. If you’ve never been to … Continue reading

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Canyon Video: Kolob Canyon Descent by Nick Como

There are only a few Class C canyons in the Zion area, and Kolob is certainly the most reliable for good water flow. Problem is, most of the time there TOO MUCH agua running through it because Kolob Creek is the outlet to Kolob Reservoir, which the Washington County Water Conservancy District uses control river levels downstream. If the District is releasing water, the risk of drowning in Kolob Creek is high and descents should wait until a safer time. If you’re thinking about descending Kolob, be sure to call the Conservancy District (435.673.3617) on a weekday to get the release schedule. If the Creek is flowing 5 CFS or less, it should be reasonably safe for canyoneers experienced in Class C conditions to descend the drainage. If you have your sights set on Kolob, but the flow is too high, consider Boundary Canyon, a near neighbor, which often has a safe flow in high water years.  

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Natural Canyon Toboggans Galore!

The sound effects may be questionable, but the fun certainly is not. Thanks to these Europeans for reminding us what life is like in the wet stuff.

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15th Anniversary Video Contest Winners Announced

We had five fun and creative video entries for the “Let Nature Be Your Guide” Photo & Video Contest. Thanks to everyone who viewed and voted on the videos and congratulations to our winners. You can view the videos below, or on our YouTube channel. Our Grand Prize goes to Jeff Guest, who shows us how nature is his guide in this fast-paced montage of canyon adventures. First prize goes to Casey Neiderhauser for his video on ice climbing. Casey describes ice climbing in Southern Utah as a “temperamental affair” because, “You never know where you are going to find climbable ice. One day a rock slab is dripping wet, the next day it is covered in thick wonderful ice, and the next day it could be collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the cliff.” Second prize goes to Shane Burrows for his wonderful video capturing the beauty of “sauntering” through a Kanarra Creek slot canyon. Third prize goes to Po Kai for a new swing dancing twist on the classic Angels Landing assent. Fourth prize goes to Mary Wang for her video of “the wildlife, rock formations, scenic views, and hiking and canyoneering activities in and around … Continue reading

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