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Filson Outdoor Clothing Features ZAC Guide Ben Rhinesmith

Our very own Ben Rhinesmith was recently profiled in Filson’s “In the Field” section of their website. In the video, Ben guides the Filson crew down Battle Creek, a high country canyon southeast of Kolob Reservoir, while talking a little bit about his guiding approach and philosophy.

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Zion Narrows Fall Colors Video

Long-time ZAC client Jerry King visits us at least every year, regularly recording his hikes and canyon descents via video and still images. When Jerry gets home, he puts together some nice informational videos about the adventures he goes on. If you are thinking about doing a Zion Narrow Through-Hike, check out Jerry’s movie to learn about the hike and see the Narrows in prime fall color splendor.

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Free Canon Camera & Video Workshops in Zion

Canon has been running their National Parks promotion for six years now, and they are finally coming to Zion! From June 24th to July 9th, you can borrow a Canon SLR, point-and-shoot, or video camera to shoot gorgeous Zion scenery… AND you can receive free instruction on how to do it. Yes, it’s an unabashed marketing promotion on Canon’s part, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to a) try out top-of-the-line technology for free, and b) get expert advice from Canon photography teachers/mentors. Here’s the meat of the press release from Canon: The Canon Photography in the Parks Program offers participants the opportunity to learn about photography or hone their skills through free professional instruction as they take part in a guided walking photo tour of some of the most scenic national park areas. Participants can bring their own equipment or borrow, at no charge, Canon equipment from a selection of EOS DSLR cameras and EF lenses, PowerShot point-and-shoot cameras, or VIXIA camcorders. Equipment is available for photographers at every skill level. Following the tour, participants have the opportunity to print their work on site, and to download their image collection later from the Program website. Visitors of all ages and … Continue reading

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Grand Canyoneering Film Makes Splash at Telluride

Dan Ransom’s 22-minute documentary, “Last of the Great Unknown,” is receiving great reviews on the adventure film documentary circuit this summer. The Aspen Times wrote a nice review in anticipation of the 5Point Film Festival (April 26 – 29) and Outside Magazine picked “Last of the Great Unknown” as one of it’s Top Ten Documentaries from the Mountainfilm Festival (Memorial Day weekend) in Telluride. The acclaimed Banff Mountain Film Festival (Oct 27 – Nov 4) has yet to make final film selections, but will announce them on their website at the end of July. Here’s hoping Ransom and canyoneering get to show their stuff in that great annual showcase of fine outdoor films.

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ZAC Guide Bill Westerhoff Featured on “Eye on LA”

ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate Channel 7 recently visited Southern Utah for their “Eye on LA” show. Host Tina Malave joined ZAC guide Bill Westerhoff for a rappelling excursion up in Cave Valley, one of the gorgeous plateau valleys you’ll find on the way up the Kolob Terrace Road. I wasn’t able to post the video here, but you can check it out on the ABC 7 site.  

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“Last of the Great Unknown” Premieres in Phoenix, 4/24

Last week, I posted the trailer for Dan Ransom’s new documentary film, “Last of the Great Unknown,” and promised to post when the premiere was announced. Ransom has decided to premiere the film April 24th in Phoenix, AZ, in honor of the late Ioana Elise Hociota. Hociaota died tragically in an accident deep in the Grand Canyon in February, and proceeds from the premiere will fund a ASU scholarship endowment in her name. You can find all the details at the film website. If you can make it, get out to support the film, the scholarship fund, and the memory of a spirited adventurer… it promises to be a memorable event and an impressive film.

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Video: Winter Hiking in The Narrows, Zion National Park

Long-time ZAC client Jerry King visited us again in January and, as usual, he brought his A/V equipment along. Jerry always makes some sort of video of his Zion escapades, and this time his video focuses on the world-famous Zion Narrows hike. Hiking The Narrows is unique no matter what time of year you do it – how many hikes force you to walk IN a river? – but exploring The Narrows in the winter is even more special. First, you must use a drysuit to stay warm enough (you can see Jerry and his companion in the big zippered suits in the vid). While it may seem uncomfortable to hike in a big waterproof glove, it is worth the trouble when you get to ENJOY wading through 40-degree water all day. Second, since hiking in a 40-degree river DOES sound a little nuts, you usually get the whole place to yourself. The peace and grandeur of The Narrows is incredible particularly striking when it is just you and the canyon… it really feels like another world. Thanks to Jerry for sharing his video with us. If you have hiked The Narrows during winter and have any tips, reflections, or … Continue reading

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Film Trailer Released for Grand Canyoneering Documentary

Over the last year, Dan Ransom has been filming and editing “Last of the Great Unknown,” a documentary on the canyon explorations and discoveries Rich Rudow and Todd Martin have been doing in the Grand Canyon. I just heard from him today that the trailer and website are now live, so check out the awesome sneak-peek and get ready for the full movie to come your way later this year. He’ll be sending in the film to a variety of film festival committees soon. Once committees have made their decisions, I’m sure Dan will broadcast what festival will carry the world premiere. Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground for this one. My favorite part of the trailer is the last shot, where the camera zooms down the canyon behind the hiker, catching and then passing him. What a shot! I asked Dan how he got it, and gave me a cryptic explanation of some kind of homemade zipline. But where is the rigging? Ziplines have to be anchored to something, right? However he did it, the effect is gorgeous, and I have high hopes for these guys and their entry to this year’s film fun.

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Video: Driving Through Zion at 200 MPH

If you’ve never been to Zion and you want a quick taste of the visual aesthetic, this video does a good job of showing the view from the road from Zion’s East Entrance Station all the way to the Visitor’s Center parking lot. The producer sped things up 800%, so ostensibly, it’s like cruising the twisting, turning Zion-Mount Carmel highway at 200 mph. Please do not try to replicate this without the aid of video editing equipment. The East Side is a gorgeous drive, twisting and turning through a sea of white sandstone monoliths as you follow Clear Creek down into Zion Canyon. Though there are only two trailhead on the entire East Side, there are LOTS of pullouts, and we always encourage visitors to simply choose a safe place to park and hike from there. Since the East Side is mainly deep canyons and lots of bare sandstone, it’s pretty easy to hike cross-country without getting too turned-around. In fact, hiking up a canyon is a great introduction to off-trail hiking, as you don’t have to think much about navigation, so you can simply enjoy the surprise around each corner and the solitude of getting away from the crowds.

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Chamjé Khola Movie Trailer: Serious Himalayan Canyoning

Uhhhh… yeah. This looks mildly serious. The full movie is now available for download for about $11.50 U.S… seems like a reasonable price for the film quality alluded to in the sneak peek. Let me know what you think if you watch it before I do!

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