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High Than Normal Water In Narrows Predicted Through January

Over the past week and a half, Narrows hikers have been experiencing higher-than-normal water flows. This has been a result of both snow melt from recent storms, as well as a water release from the nearby Kolob Reservoir. On Tuesday, November 2nd, 2011 the Washington County Water Conservancy District began releasing 35cfs from Kolob Reservoir to increase holding capacity and ensure there will be enough room for next year’s spring runoff. According to the Zion National Park Morning Report, this 35cfs water-release is predicted to last through the end of January 2012. What does this mean for those interested in hiking the Narrows in the next few months? Hikers will need to plan for not just cold water, but also for slightly faster and chest deep water in places. This week, Narrows hikers have indicated that they have adjusted their hike length due to particularly high flows and deep sections. Although the water may be swift, the Narrows is still appropriate for adult hikers looking for an adventurous experience. Staying flexible and preparing prior to the trip will help hikers stay safe and enjoy this hike during the release period. Kolob Creek, a technical slot canyon in the park is … Continue reading

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Fall Updates and New Shop Hours

With the turning of the leaves and our first snow storm of the year… New Shop Hours Beginning Monday, October 31st, our new shop hours will be 8 am – noon and 4 pm – 7 pm daily, with extended hours during Thanksgiving Weekend.* This allows us to outfit customers in the morning and return gear in the evening. Evening gear pick-ups may or may not be available, depending on availability of specific items. Our shop hours December – February will be 9 am – noon and 4 pm – 7 pm. *Thanksgiving weekend hours: Thursday 11/24: 8 am- noon only Friday: 11/25 – Sunday 11/27: 8 am – 7 pm Gear Reservations For those interested in renting equipment, please note we require reservations during the winter months. We have been unusually busy this fall and have been selling out of certain dry suit sizes, especially on the weekends. To make a gear reservation, please contact us with the following information: Date(s): Number in Party: Full Name: Phone: Email: Address: Name, height, weight, and shoe size for each group member: Winter Outfitting The Narrows Narrows hikers in the winter find icicles, snow, and near-silence as rewards for their adventurous visit. … Continue reading

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Celebrating 15 Years

I created this video, which debuted at our big celebration on September 15th, to commemorate ZAC’s big 15th Anniversary this month. It’s my attempt to capture the scope and magic of the people and adventures ZAC has encompassed over the last decade and a half, which is really a lot to boil down into a nine-minute video. I really enjoyed assembling the movie for everyone; I got to learn so much about our history and our staff. So many amazing people walk in that door… some work for us, but of course most do not. EVERYONE, however, is responsible for making this thing called “Zion Adventure Company” work. Thank you for your love and support, and cheers to many years to come! Anna

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Flooding in Zion Last Week

Last week brought heavy rains, flash floods, canyon closures, and inaccessible roads to many of us in Zion Canyon and Southern Utah. The graph above of the Virgin River flow at Springdale shows the four “gully-washer” rain storms (and the consequential flooding) we received in the space of five days. And what day were we spared a downpour? The day of our Zion Adventure Company 15th Anniversary celebration. The Narrows and many canyons closed due to Flash Flood Warnings, and rock falls and muddy roads caused access issues to the Top-Down Narrows and other roads in the park. As of now, all canyons and roads have re-opened. Last week’s flooding topped-off most of our canyons in the park, including Pine Creek. For current conditions on some of Zion’s Canyons, take a look at my last post here. And if you want to SEE some good flooding footage, check out this video that shows the flooding on the east side and the Pine Creek drainage on Sept 14th! …AND the weather forecast for this week? Sunny and beautiful!

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Recent Subway Trouble Highlights Dangerous Spring Conditions

While there are LOTS of fantastic ways to enjoy Zion right now, hiking The Subway is not one of them. Due to dangerous high water conditions and a flurry of “lost hiker” reports in the last two weeks, the Park Service has closed The Subway until further notice. While nobody has been seriously injured or harmed, this story from KSL Salt Lake City features video from the crew that helped out hikers who spent four days stranded in the Subway last week. While The Subway has a reputation as a moderate, beautiful hike which is appropriate for families and kids, risks involved in The Subway are VERY contextual. In mid-June, when rain is rare, temperatures high, and days long, The Subway can be exceptionally hospitable. Even then, however, you still need to have proper equipment and knowledge to manage short rappels, downclimbs, and cold water. During periods of heavy rain or snow melt, however, The Subway quickly becomes an intimidating and life-threatening place. Though some canyoneers do have proper equipment, experience, and training to descend The Subway in high-water conditions, most use good judgment by going elsewhere to better conditions, and returning on a better day or season.

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Signs of Spring in Zion

Spring is here! Despite the nasty weather this weekend, signs of spring are showing up everywhere in the canyon. Here are some of my “Signs of Spring”: What are some of your signs of spring? Amelio

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Travel Journal: My New Year’s Resolution

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! As one year ends and a new one begins, I find myself reflecting on my habits and reevaluating how I spend my time. The religious and cultural symbols of the new year, the changing seasons, and all the time spent indoors lately have prompted me to mull over all the possibilities for the coming year. For many, this is a time to distill lessons from the previous twelve months, to devote oneself to new disciplines, and to set new goals. I find myself doing the same. As I take stock of the past year,  I find so many moments committed indelibly to my memory, places and people that have impacted who I am, and my intention is to find even more in 2011. Having just finished touring the East Coast for the first time, I have a special perspective through which I am processing all this. When traveling, I feel a sense of urgency; I do not want to miss an opportunity to experience something, because I may not have the opportunity again. This makes me think of a class I took on improvisation. The rule in improv comedy is, “Say YES”. No matter … Continue reading

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Winter in Zion

So you’re thinking about visiting Zion in the winter? Some may think you’re crazy, but many people just like you have already discovered the secret. Many National Parks virtually shut down in the winter, but Zion offers unusual accessibility and opportunities for visitors of all backgrounds. Why come to Zion in the winter instead of another time of year? Winter in Zion offers solitude – something that is difficult to find nowadays in a Park that hosts 2.7 million visitors each year. Crisp, raw views of snow-capped peaks, summits, and temples accentuate this peaceful canyon, while ever-changing weather conditions continually create unique experiences for all! I have many fond memories of Zion in the winter. Most involve a sense of awe, and many involve a sense of cold! Here are a few of my winter favorites, as well as some winter tips for enjoying your visit. Zion and Christmas. These are two of my favorite things! But when you put them together, now that’s something amazing. As a child, I have warm memories of visiting Zion on many Christmas days. This would usually be a treat for us when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. After all the presents had … Continue reading

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How to Create Fall Photography in Zion National Park

Our good friend and professional photographer, Michael Deyoung, ( gunned up from New Mexico this past weekend to record the magical color changes of Zion. As we were hanging from the walls of the NorthEast Buttress of Angel’s landing, Michael was below capturing the golden light of the canyon floor. Enjoy his intro to fall colors and look forward to more photo blogs from Michael as the seasons change. Continue reading

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Autumn in Zion: Adventure Season

The season for adventure is ripe in Zion right now. The weather is ideal, crowds have thinned out, and permits are readily available. A huge rainstorm just came through the area, which has cooled things down, and filled the canyons with fresh water. This is the season for frolicking, splashing, and exploring.This month I have had the opportunity to descend Cave Creek, Imlay (via the sneak route), the Subway/Das Boot link up, Echo Canyon, and the daily canyon guiding outside the park. These routes represent the full spectrum of technical canyoneering in Zion. Each descent is unique, beautiful, and remote. I find release in this terrain because it lends itself to creative problem solving and having fun. Descending the Subway with a wetsuit, for example, allows ample opportunities for slipping and sliding, swimming, playing in waterfalls, and enjoying an enchanting natural playground. This is the ultimate form of recreation. Canyons are a medium for play, and while there is a certain risk associated with canyoneering, the exercise of exploring, of flirting with danger, and the unknown satisfies a primal desire. My conversation with guided clients often touches upon the need for recreation. It seems that the average American is overstressed … Continue reading

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