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Free Canon Camera & Video Workshops in Zion

Canon has been running their National Parks promotion for six years now, and they are finally coming to Zion! From June 24th to July 9th, you can borrow a Canon SLR, point-and-shoot, or video camera to shoot gorgeous Zion scenery… AND you can receive free instruction on how to do it. Yes, it’s an unabashed marketing promotion on Canon’s part, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to a) try out top-of-the-line technology for free, and b) get expert advice from Canon photography teachers/mentors. Here’s the meat of the press release from Canon: The Canon Photography in the Parks Program offers participants the opportunity to learn about photography or hone their skills through free professional instruction as they take part in a guided walking photo tour of some of the most scenic national park areas. Participants can bring their own equipment or borrow, at no charge, Canon equipment from a selection of EOS DSLR cameras and EF lenses, PowerShot point-and-shoot cameras, or VIXIA camcorders. Equipment is available for photographers at every skill level. Following the tour, participants have the opportunity to print their work on site, and to download their image collection later from the Program website. Visitors of all ages and … Continue reading

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Grand Canyoneering Film Makes Splash at Telluride

Dan Ransom’s 22-minute documentary, “Last of the Great Unknown,” is receiving great reviews on the adventure film documentary circuit this summer. The Aspen Times wrote a nice review in anticipation of the 5Point Film Festival (April 26 – 29) and Outside Magazine picked “Last of the Great Unknown” as one of it’s Top Ten Documentaries from the Mountainfilm Festival (Memorial Day weekend) in Telluride. The acclaimed Banff Mountain Film Festival (Oct 27 – Nov 4) has yet to make final film selections, but will announce them on their website at the end of July. Here’s hoping Ransom and canyoneering get to show their stuff in that great annual showcase of fine outdoor films.

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Cloud Project Reaches 1000 Days Atop Angels Landing

I drop in on Texan photographer Kelly DeLay’s Cloud 365 Project occasionally, and I noticed today that he shot his 1000th cloud image from the top of Angels Landing this last week. There’s also a cloud image taken from Springdale the following morning. Kudos to Mr. DeLay for some serious tenacity in sustaining such an interesting long-term project. And he has a pretty cool website, too.

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Zion Canyons Featured on Camera Site

Noticed this post over on the camera forum on Don recently visited Zion with his Nikon D700 with 14-24mm f2.8 lens in tow. I love it when photographers bravely tote their expensive glass into despicable canyon conditions to get the goods. Don’s post highlights the importance of both 1) good water protection for electronic equipment, and 2) the high cost of NOT preparing with such equipment. As you can see from his images, however, a little preparedness, combined with photography skill, can create some beautiful canyoneering images. Thanks to Don for the inspiration. I just got back from Zion National Park where a couple of friends and I did a bit of canyoneering for a few days. For photo gear, I took only the D700 with 14-24mm f2.8 lens. I really didn’t want to carry my tripod and ballhead since we would be swimming in sandy water and I didn’t have a drybag big enough to hold the tripod. We were also weighed down with a lot of climbing gear, drysuits, water, food, etc. I kept my gear in a double drybag, pulling it out to shoot, then putting it away for the next rappel or swim—a lot of work for a … Continue reading

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Nice National Geographic Photo Essay on Aussie Canyons

If this article and photo essay doesn’t spur you towards Aussie canyoning, I don’t know what will. In National Geographic’s typically colorful and dramatic style, Matt Jenkins takes us along on a trip down Danae Brook Canyon, in Australia’s famed sandstone range, the Blue Mountains. Jenkins sets the scene, introduces a couple “rival” canyoneers, and quickly find his way into a canyon with a local enthusiast. While Jenkins offers an interesting story with colorful characters and lots of descriptive action, the real gem here is Carsten Peter’s photo essay, which is linked on the left sidebar of the article. Peter does an amazing job capturing the color, light, and drama of Australian canyons, and it’s worth noting that he does this whilst dealing with wet, dirty conditions which are particularly unfriendly to cameras. Thanks to Peter and Jenkins for highlighting far-away canyon escapades that bring perspective to our own local canyons and dreams about visiting foreign ones someday.

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Canyoneering Images from Garden Creek, Grand Canyon

Mr. Ransom and his camera have been out of house again, much to the delight of armchair canyoneers everywhere. See what where he went in his gorgeous pictorial trip report. After you’ve whet your whistle, plan a trip to Garden Creek Canyon yourself, with beta from Todd Martin’s new Grand Canyon canyoneering guidebook, Grand Canyoneering.

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15th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners Announced

The public votes are in and our judges have reviewed the photographs and selected our Grand Prize Winner for the “Let Nature Be Your Guide” Photo Contest. Congratulations to all of our winners and a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. If you haven’t had a chance to review all of the photographs that were submitted, check them out on our Facebook page. These fantastic photos capture the spirit of adventure and fun to be had in Southern Utah. And now for our winners! Our Grand Prize goes to Jason Butler for his photograph, “Night Watchman”, taken in Zion National Park, Utah. First Prize goes to Monica Mattimore in NY for this photograph she describes as, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Negotiating a deep stream in a southern Utah state park.” Second Prize goes to Melissa Fuhrman in MN for this photograph of, “Joan conquering the Narrows at 10 years old!” Third Prize goes to Tim Hanko for his photograph of Kolob Terrace from the West Rim Trail. Fourth Prize goes to Brianne Moreau in TX. She describes this photograph with a Shakespeare quote, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” Fifth Prize goes to … Continue reading

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Nick’s Photo Contest Favorites

I am neither judge nor jury for our 15th Anniversary Photo Contest, so I want to participate in the fun by highlighting my favorite submissions from our contest. We received a great pool of image submissions, with a wide range of subjects and approaches to the theme, “Let Nature Be Your Guide.” I chose the below images not based on the theme, but solely based on their composition, emotion, and uniqueness. Buck in Snow, submitted by Becky Jaffe from Oakland, CA I love the simplicity of this image, which has a very painterly quality to it. The lack of context/background leaves so much to the imagination, and the buck’s legs convey a distinct sense of motion. The sharp buck, amidst all the blur and white-out, seems alone, but peaceful, and nice emotional tone for a wintery image. Bravo. Canyon Tripod, submitted by Linda Lu from Berkeley, CA I think most photographer/canyoneers can appreciate this photo, depicting the physical, aerial requirements canyon photography invites. Photographing while stemming is a tricky business, as you must eventually get to a position where you don’t need your hands. Once you get there, the shot you’re after competes for attention with the risk to both body … Continue reading

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Pictorial Grand Canyon Report from Photographer Dan Ransom

From my favorite canyoneer/photographer, Dan Ransom. Click the image above for the complete slideshow, and check out more of his work on his outdoor adventure photography site. Back to the Grand, finally… I was only a few days removed from the operating room table in early june when an email for this trip came from Slawa. Barely able to walk, I laughed it off. But in the back of my mind I thought “Man, how awesome would it be to make it back by then?” “So, how about some hot, hot Kanab canyons on Aug 5,6 and 7? We’ll meet the night of Aug 4 on the Kanab Plateau. Rich is leading this one. It will be HOT, it will be MISERABLE – 4:00 AM departures to avoid the heat of the day, but it will be sooooooo AWESOME! Dan – honey – I will carry your stuff! And no need to make a decision now. Just keep this on your calendar and let me know when time arrives.” Alas, I’ve been able to get out on a couple overnight adventures in the last two weeks, and figured my fitness to be a bit better than I thought, even if … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Zion’s Dramatic “Subway”

ZAC client, Felicia Bicknell, was kind enough to send a few photographs along after her Subway descent last weekend, and I thought this image was exceptional. Her well-placed panorama captures both the micro and macro beauty of The Subway; from the marvelous “subway” tunnel to the clear, green pools and subtle cascading ripples, this canyon holds true magic. Felicia notes the spring floods have washed an enormous degree of sand from North Creek, making for much deeper and dramatic pools than has been typical in recent years. If you are planning to make photography a priority on your Subway descent, it’s a great idea to leave the trailhead early (5 – 7 a.m.) to get your best shot at having the canyon to yourself. Light conditions vary greatly during the day and with the seasons, however, so anyone serious about nailing the right conditions in The Subway might have to visit a number of times to get things just so.

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