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Government Shutdown Closes Zion National Park

Article Written By Laura Dahl Dateline: October 7, Springdale, UT National Parks around the country closed their gates to visitors on October 1, 2013 as a result of the Federal Government Shutdown. Government Shutdown…what does that mean for Zion? Zion National Park is closed to all recreation and visitation for the duration of the government shutdown. All services, including the shuttle system, visitors center, human history museum, bathrooms, parking lots and campgrounds have been suspended during this time as well. Zion Lodge is also closed. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive from Canyon Junction to Zion Lodge is also closed. How long will the Shutdown last? There is really no way to know how long this round of government shutdown will last. Historically, shutdowns have lasted anywhere from hours to days, with the longest federal government shutdown lasting 21 days in 1995. Can I drive through Zion National Park? Utah State Route 9 (Mount Carmel Highway) will remain open to automobiles and motorcycles driving through the Park. This route is closed to large vehicles including recreational vehicles, large trailers, and buses. Enjoy the scenery as you drive through the Park. Please be respectful of closure rules. Do not use pullouts, or … Continue reading

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Free Canon Camera & Video Workshops in Zion

Canon has been running their National Parks promotion for six years now, and they are finally coming to Zion! From June 24th to July 9th, you can borrow a Canon SLR, point-and-shoot, or video camera to shoot gorgeous Zion scenery… AND you can receive free instruction on how to do it. Yes, it’s an unabashed marketing promotion on Canon’s part, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to a) try out top-of-the-line technology for free, and b) get expert advice from Canon photography teachers/mentors. Here’s the meat of the press release from Canon: The Canon Photography in the Parks Program offers participants the opportunity to learn about photography or hone their skills through free professional instruction as they take part in a guided walking photo tour of some of the most scenic national park areas. Participants can bring their own equipment or borrow, at no charge, Canon equipment from a selection of EOS DSLR cameras and EF lenses, PowerShot point-and-shoot cameras, or VIXIA camcorders. Equipment is available for photographers at every skill level. Following the tour, participants have the opportunity to print their work on site, and to download their image collection later from the Program website. Visitors of all ages and … Continue reading

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Free Werner Herzog Documentary at CCC Tonight

It’s not canyoneering, and it’s not in Zion, but exploring long-lost caves and ancient paintings in France is pretty cool. If you’re in Springdale this evening looking for something to do, check out the free Z-Arts! presentation of Cave of Forgotten Dreams, an excellent documentary from Werner Herzog. If you’re interested, just drop by the Canyon Community Center (126 Lion Boulevard, just up the street from Zion Adventure Company) a few minutes before the film starts at 7 PM. Here’s the official even release from Z-Arts!: June 15, 2012, Friday Z-Arts! Film Presentation 7:00 pm – Canyon Community Center, Springdale Free Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011) A Film by Werner Herzog Run Time:  90 minutes Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, a breathtaking new documentary from the incomparable Werner Herzog (Encounters at the End of the World, Grizzly Man), follows an exclusive expedition into the nearly inaccessible Chauvet Cave in France, home to the most ancient visual art known to have been created by man. One of the most successful documentaries of all time, Cave Of Forgotten Dreams is an unforgettable cinematic experience that provides a unique glimpse of pristine artwork dating back to human hands over 30,000 years ago — almost … Continue reading

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Two Great Events Today in Springdale

I want to get the word out about two great events happening today in Springdale: • Worthington Gallery is hosting a tribute gathering in honor of renowned, late Zion painter Jim Jones. Jones passed away in 2009, but his incredible talent, vision, and color lives on in his work, which will be on display at the Gallery. Along with fantastic art, there will be wine, light fare, and even live music under the gorgeous cottonwood trees at the Worthington. Jim Jones Giclee prints will be sold at 25% off this evening, and all proceeds from the event go towards construction of the Jim Jones-inspired Southern Utah Museum of Art Center. • Dr. Gary McClellan Bell, professor at Texas Tech University, will give a lecture entitled A Century of Mismanagement: A Brief History of Wildfire in America. The Z-Arts!-sponsored lecture will take place at the Canyon Community Center at 7:00 PM, and admission is free. Here is the press release: Dr. Bell will discuss the history of wild land fire in America, human responses to that natural phenomenon, with a particular focus on the twentieth century, and then an analysis of the hugely powerful and complex forces, including tremendous economic incentives, that almost guarantee … Continue reading

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“Highway 89″ Author to Speak in Springdale

Z-Arts!, Zion Canyon’s very own arts and humanities council, is hosting an author event and book signing next week on one of our favorite scenic roads, U.S. Highway 89. Here the Z-Arts! press release: U.S. Highway 89: The Scenic Route to Seven Western National Parks documents seven of America’s favorite national parks, hometown events and quirky roadside attractions linked by U.S. 89. Scenic Highway 89 traces the stories of legendary trappers, missionaries and homesteaders. Widened in the Roaring Twenties to satisfy America’s motoring enthusiasts, but bypassed by modern interstates, the 1,600 mile route from Canada to Mexico retains its back-roads charm. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, beauty queens to working cowboys, the real character of the American west, however, rests in its people who are redefining the western mystique into lifestyles that meld traditional heritage with 21st century realities. This book bridges across well-established audiences for travelogues, travel photography, road-trip mystique and western lore and automotive history. This book will also interest aficionados of a particular region, like Greater Yellowstone, anchoring their favorite destinations in a larger transect of the American West. Salt Lake City writer and photographer Ann Torrence drove over 15,000 miles to research and photograph U.S. … Continue reading

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RiverWork: A Writing Competition About the Virgin River

Local non-profits FormTommorow and Zion Arts and Humanities Council (Z-Arts!) are co-sponsoring a writing contest for authors of all ages who live or work in the Virgin River Corridor and/or Washington County. Entitled “RiverWork,” the contest encourages everyone with a knack for the written word to reflect upon the relationships surrounding the Virgin River and compose something moving, convincing, and/or simply beautiful to move the conversation (and conservation?) forward. Nice idea, right? And the prizes are good: $250 for adult winners and $150 for young adult and youth winners. If interested, download the contest details and rules, pick up a pen or composition machine of your choice, and start cracking! Submissions are due by May 21, 2012.

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Robert Burns Gathering This Saturday at Flanigan’s

Every January, the poet Robert Burns is celebrated around the world, and Zion Canyon is no exception. This Saturday, local hotelier and cultural enthusiast, Larry McKown, will host a gathering at Flanigan’s Inn to celebrate the Robert Burns’ birthday (January 25th) in good style. Folks will gather at 6:30 PM for impromptu poetry, music, and Scottish drink, and all are invited to join. Though this is a free event, space in Flanigan’s lobby is limited to around 75 – 100 people (my guess), so show up early to ensure the fire code doesn’t keep you out. If you’ve not visited Flanigan’s before, you can find it next door to Zion Adventure Company, set back just a bit from the Spotted Dog Cafe on Zion Boulevard.

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CCC Lecture 12/17: “Global Warming: Its Causes & Effects”

Zion Canyon Field Institute is bringing Dr. Eric Grimsrud in from Kalispell, MT this Saturday evening to talk about global warming and the nefarious gap between scientific evidence and contrasting public opinion. Dr. Grimsrud is the author of Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen, and Grandpa on Climate Change: Bridging the Gap between Scientific and Public Opinion, the result of his many years of involvement in the global discussion of climate change while teaching atmospheric chemistry at Montana State University. On his website, he prefaces his book with this statement: We are now live in critical moment in the history of human civilization and have a choice of monumental importance to make. Are we or are we not going to aggressively address the issue of anthropogenic global warming? If we do, the short term costs are likely to be quite high. If we don’t, however, the longer term consequences are sure to be horrendous even during the lives of my grandchildren. So, how do we decide which of these choices to make?  For starters, we must learn what Mother Nature will actually do in response to the decisions we make – and what She does do can be predicted only via our understanding of the science involved. Therefore, a primary goal of Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen, and … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon Slideshow & Documentary Sneak Peak

Todd Martin and Rich Rudow will be in St. George on December 15th to present their multimedia talk, “Grand Canyoneering,” an account in words and pictures of their incredibly in-depth explorations of the Grand Canyon’s hidden slot canyons. Todd & Rich are promoting Todd’s recently published book, also entitled Grand Canyoneering, which has met wide acclaim in the canyoneering community for its detail, thoroughness, and aesthetic. Bring along an extra $30, and you can take home a copy of Grand Canyoneering for the wonderful armchair canyoneering season ahead. Photographer and videographer extraordinaire, Dan Ransom, will join the GC guys to show some sneak peeks from his upcoming film, “Last of the Great Unknown.” Dan’s film brings us into some of these gorgeous, remote canyons through the eyes, ropes, and helmet cams of the canyoneers who found these canyons and were likely the first people to descend them. Check out the link above for a taste… come to the event for a more nourishing helping. Available space for this presentation is filling up quickly. To reserve seats for your group, visit the Grand Canyoneering Facebook event page and simply request a number of seats for your group.

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Zion Canyon Arts and Crafts Fair This Weekend

Some folks are hesitant to travel to Zion during the “biggest shopping weekend of the year,” while others come to Zion BECAUSE it’s so crazy everywhere else. Whichever side of that coin you might be on, the annual Arts & Crafts Fair at the Canyon Community Center is a great Thanksgiving tradition here in Springdale, and a fun opportunity to meet some our local artisans and residents. Whether you’re working on a big shopping list or you just like to sample some true local flavor when you travel, this is a great opportunity while you’re here this weekend. Here’s the news release from Z-Arts!: ZION CANYON ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR “Handcrafted to Fine Arts” Everyone is invited to attend the 22nd Annual Zion Canyon Arts and Crafts Fair being held at the Canyon Community Center on Thanksgiving weekend. We will be featuring handmade arts and crafts, as well as, some beautiful fine art from regional artists. This year we have also invited artisan food vendors to participate with their tasty fares. Don’t miss your opportunity to win a fabulous two-night stay in Zion! The package includes lodging, dinners and spa treatments. This package is valued at over $600. Tickets for … Continue reading

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