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Government Shutdown Closes Zion National Park

Article Written By Laura Dahl Dateline: October 7, Springdale, UT National Parks around the country closed their gates to visitors on October 1, 2013 as a result of the Federal Government Shutdown. Government Shutdown…what does that mean for Zion? Zion National Park is closed to all recreation and visitation for the duration of the government shutdown. All services, including the shuttle system, visitors center, human history museum, bathrooms, parking lots and campgrounds have been suspended during this time as well. Zion Lodge is also closed. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive from Canyon Junction to Zion Lodge is also closed. How long will the Shutdown last? There is really no way to know how long this round of government shutdown will last. Historically, shutdowns have lasted anywhere from hours to days, with the longest federal government shutdown lasting 21 days in 1995. Can I drive through Zion National Park? Utah State Route 9 (Mount Carmel Highway) will remain open to automobiles and motorcycles driving through the Park. This route is closed to large vehicles including recreational vehicles, large trailers, and buses. Enjoy the scenery as you drive through the Park. Please be respectful of closure rules. Do not use pullouts, or … Continue reading

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ZAC Field Trip: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and More

Our most recent staff field trip took us east by southeast and over the state line into Arizona where we visited Horseshoe Bend, Upper Antelope Canyon and Upper Water Holes Canyon. We met at the shop on a beautiful Monday morning, excited to begin this adventure. After some opening words and a short brief from our fearless leader, Dave, we all piled in a large Sprinter Van and got on our way. Good laughs, conversation, and freshly baked cookies consumed our 2-hour drive. Our first official field trip stop was Horseshoe Bend. Located just 4 miles southwest of Page, AZ, Horseshoe Bend is aptly named for the horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River in this area. The hike to the overlook point is short (less than a mile) and seems like a bargain for the breath-taking view of the canyon. Our group reveled in the incredible view of the river and canyon. It’s hard to convey what it feels like looking down hundreds of feet below you, watching boats the size of ants maneuver in the crystal clear river. You begin to wonder how in the world something so magnificent came to be and at the same time try to … Continue reading

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Merry Men of Murray Rescue Chuckwalla in Glen Canyon

On September 15th, the crew of the Merry Murray Men and Associates, observed some flooding out in Glen Canyon… Some of us, up close and personal… So when we descended a canyon on September 16th called Maiden Oil, we found much flood debris at the reservoir-canyon meeting spot. Jenny was swimming about when she came upon Godzilla (actually they had another name for he/she, but I can’t recall it right now) among the flotsam. She kindly brought her new friend over to a log. Cold and apparently water logged (swollen belly), our hero was not moving about much. When Drue came along, he told Godzilla, in reassuring tones, to trust him. Godzilla then embarked on a 150 yard voyage in Drue’s helmet, to the waiting boat. I hope Godzilla didn’t have to pee ;-o. After a mile-long boat ride, we were on sun-soaked slickrock, at water’s edge. Jenny took our hero out and placed he/she on the rock. Feeling better, Godzilla headed for the shade, right away. All said our farewells. The next AM we stopped to check in on our new friend and he/she was gone. Off to seek a new home? In the belly of a raven? We shall never know. So I am left thinking that this lizard had been … Continue reading

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ZAC Memories from Chris & Steve Sponagle

We have received some great notes, letters, poems, and questions in response to our call-out for client stories to celebrate our 15th Anniversay. Thank you! Here’s another good one, from the Sponagles up in Wisconsin. We have been VERY blessed to have experienced many fun adventures with our friends at Zion Adventure Company, but two particular remembrances stand out for me.  The first was a trip with Dave and my husband Steve back in 2008 when we spent a day getting wet in Battlecreek.  It was during that trip that my excitement for canyoneering stuck and we realized that with a little extra work, we could actually develop the skills to explore technical canyons on our own.  Several years and many canyons later, we continue to return to Utah on a regular basis to play.  The second stand-out moment was on a trip to Lake Powell in 2010.  After spending a spectacular day exploring a rarely seen canyon with Jonathan, we spent the night sleeping out under the stars on a sandstone bank – absolutely mesmerizing!!!  Congratulations on your anniversary and here’s to the wonderful adventures that still lie ahead! Chris & Steve Sponagle

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Lake Powell Boaters’ Update

Wondering what is going on in Glen Canyon? A fantastic winter snowfall in the Rockies is currently melting, and on Friday, July 1 the inflow to Lake Powell measured 78,849 cubic feet per second. At the same time, the outflow of water released down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead was 24,522 CFS, which is the maximum power generating capacity of the electric station at Glen Canyon Dam. As a result, Lake Powell is currently rising eight inches each day; the Lake level has risen ten feet in the last two weeks. The result for boaters is a myriad of dangerous obstacles barely covered by water, capable of injuring boats and boaters alike. In addition to the rocks, the rising water is floating once-beached logs, bark, and trash, creating additional hazards. Some Specific Lake Powell Notes: • Wiregrass Canyon (behind Lone Rock( currently has at least five rock hazards just below the current water level. • The entrance to Labyrinth Canyon is very difficult to navigate at the current water level. • The camping area at Lone Rock Beach is disappearing daily, as the rising water submerges more of the sandy beach. This is true of … Continue reading

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Artful Glen Canyon Images from Photographer Dan Ransom

An example from a small collection of fine new black and white images posted by Dan Ransom recently. Dan clearly takes a path less traveled here, using the black and white format, along with some beautiful composition and design, to place the focus on the natural lines and forms that make canyons so breathtaking. View more of this Glen Canyon photography series on his website.

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Lake Powell Canyoneering Video from Client John McHugh

Joe was on our 5/6 – 5/8 Canyon Venture trip to Lake Powell, and this is the vid he put together with footage he took during the trip. Just think… next time, it could be you!

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