Todd Martin and Rich Rudow Speak On “Grand Canyoneering”

Photo: David Thomas

We may not have many blog readers who live in Mesa, but I’m highlighting this talk for anyone who might want to invite Todd and Rich to speak in their own town. These guys have a ton of experience and stories regarding their extensive explorations of the Grand Canyon, and I’m sure it would be fantastic to hear them tell a few tales along with some complementary pictures and video. Of course, it may be difficult to attend such a talk without purchasing Martin’s beautiful Grand Canyon guidebook (Grand Canyoneering, $29.95), but that seems like a just reward for all the slogging, driving, thirsting, and pouring over maps these guys have done for the past however-many years. Here’s the event announcement from Rich:

Todd Martin and I are giving a talk Thursday night at Mesa Community College – Red Mountain Campus. Todd will cover a lot of information about Grand Canyon and Canyoneering in Grand Canyon. It will answer a lot of questions that people have about permits, pack rafting, canyoneering technique, etc., and you’ll see some never before shown photos that provide wonderful motivation on why we enjoy canyoneering in Grand Canyon so much. I’ll discuss a specific adventure – the discovery of Panameta Canyon – which is arguably the most beautiful Grand Canyon slot found to date. It didn’t yield its secrets easily and we were fortunate to escape with a great story about the difficulty of exploration in Grand Canyon.

We’ll close the event with the debut of another phenomenal video clip of Grand Canyon canyoneering by Dan Ransom. Todd will be available to sign your copy of Grand Canyoneering.

I apologize in advance to the non Phoenix area folks for spamming the eGroup. Please join us if you can. And I would be interested in knowing if people would want to see this presentation in other locations like Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, or other places around GCNP.



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2 Responses to Todd Martin and Rich Rudow Speak On “Grand Canyoneering”

  1. avatar Michael Zysman says:

    I am a member of the Arizona Outing Club at Arizona State University. We are one of the largest clubs on campus and have several trips going out each week. We would love to have you guys as guest speakers at an upcoming meeting. Please let me know if you would be interested!

  2. avatar Ken Ketchie says:

    I’m the organizer of the Las Vegas Canyoneering Meetup Group… We would love to be able to host a “Grand Canyoneering” event/presentation such as this one… Las Vegas has a great outdoor community & I’m sure we would be able to put together a large group to attend the presentation… Please let me know if you have interest in visiting Vegas. Our community would enjoy a presentation such as this one…

    Ken Ketchie