Merry Men of Murray Rescue Chuckwalla in Glen Canyon

On September 15th, the crew of the Merry Murray Men and Associates, observed some flooding out in Glen Canyon… Some of us, up close and personal…

So when we descended a canyon on September 16th called Maiden Oil, we found much flood debris at the reservoir-canyon meeting spot. Jenny was swimming about when she came upon Godzilla (actually they had another name for he/she, but I can’t recall it right now) among the flotsam. She kindly brought her new friend over to a log. Cold and apparently water logged (swollen belly), our hero was not moving about much. When Drue came along, he told Godzilla, in reassuring tones, to trust him. Godzilla then embarked on a 150 yard voyage in Drue’s helmet, to the waiting boat. I hope Godzilla didn’t have to pee ;-o. After a mile-long boat ride, we were on sun-soaked slickrock, at water’s edge. Jenny took our hero out and placed he/she on the rock. Feeling better, Godzilla headed for the shade, right away. All said our farewells.

The next AM we stopped to check in on our new friend and he/she was gone. Off to seek a new home? In the belly of a raven? We shall never know. So I am left thinking that this lizard had been washed out of a canyon and dumped into a lake. Struggled up on debris, hung on for dear life for 24 hours, with no real hope of survival. Clinging to life, with impossible odds, like thousands before he/she. But this time providence shone down. It reminds me of a mantra…..”Never give up!”


About Ram

An honorary ZAC team member, Steve "Ram" Ramras drops in occasionally to join us for canyon adventures and hijinks. Ram's regular 21-day canyon escapades regularly draw jealousy from canyoneers around the world, but then he invites them along and they (usually) forgive him for having so much fun.
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