“Grand Canyoneering” Now Available from Author Todd Martin

Todd Martin’s widely anticipated canyoneering guidebook for the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyoneering: Exploring the Rugged Gorges and Secret Slots of the Grand Canyon, is now available for purchase through Todd’s website. Since Rich Rudrow wrote such a fine introduction for Mr. Martin’s book, I thought I’d simply copy it here:

"Grand Canyoneering" - The new Grand Canyon guidebook by Todd Martin

After four years of painstaking work, and occasionally some heart thumping adventure, Todd Martin’s encyclopedia of Grand Canyon drainages is finally finished. Grand Canyoneering is the first extensive guidebook covering technical canyoneering in Grand Canyon National Park. At 500 full-color pages, highlighting 117 drainages from Waterholes Canyon upstream of Lee’s Ferry to Tincanebitts Canyon at river mile 264, there is an adventure for everyone.

Backpackers will enjoy 34 hikes through remote drainages that do not require ropes. Technical canyoneers will marvel at the stunning microenvironments and challenges to be found in the only limestone slot canyons on the Colorado Plateau. And river runners will be surprised at the slot canyon adventures within easy reach that they’ve floated past for years.

Of course, Grand Canyoneering has complete and accurate beta to assist in exploration of these places in Todd Martin’s proven writing style, and more than 100 pages are dedicated to technique, safety, and etiquette for environmental preservation, but in my opinion the book does something more profound. Loaded with 200 stunning full color photos of remote parts of Grand Canyon, including places never before seen by human eyes, Grand Canyoneering peels back one more layer of the onion that is Grand Canyon National Park, a place so vast and isolated that it’s difficult for humans to appreciate the scale. Even if you never intend to hike, raft, rappel, or gawk from the rim of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyoneering provides a never-before-published view of one the seven natural wonders of the World.

The book is now available from Todd Martin’s website for $29.95.

After reading an advanced copy, I’m still amazed at what Todd has accomplished. Of course, I’m certainly biased from being on nearly all of the hikes in the book, but this is one of those rare books that will reside in my truck, ready for the next adventure. I’ll be interested to hear if you agree. 


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