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Filson Outdoor Clothing Features ZAC Guide Ben Rhinesmith

Our very own Ben Rhinesmith was recently profiled in Filson’s “In the Field” section of their website. In the video, Ben guides the Filson crew down Battle Creek, a high country canyon southeast of Kolob Reservoir, while talking a little bit about his guiding approach and philosophy.

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Hiking Crampons Help Hikers Enjoy Zion’s Winter Majesty

Zion is so beautiful in the winter. We typically enjoy mild temperatures (daytime highs in the 50s or 60s) and sunny skies throughout the “cold” months, with an occasional rain or snowstorm to keep us on our toes. Even those storms deliver wonderful gifts, though, leaving snow-capped peaks, glistening icicles, and white accents on the millions of Zion’s orange sandstone ledges. The one drawback of our winter weather, perhaps, is the myriad trail conditions it creates. With all the melting and thawing and shade and sun, Zion’s trails host a smorgasbord of terrain for the unprepared hiker. It’s easy to underestimate the trouble icy trails can cause, but it’s just as easy to be prepared with a little forethought and the right equipment. I hiked the Upper Emerald Pool via the Kayenta trail yesterday; while the sunny part of the trail was soft and muddy, the shaded portion was a field of snow and ice. To deal with the frozen section of trail, I slipped on my hiking crampons, lightweight traction systems that dig into the ice and make for stable walking. There are many different types of slip-on snow and ice traction products on the market these days. Many … Continue reading

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Zion: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today, I received many gifts. Gifts I was not expecting, nor even thinking of asking for. These gifts came from a place I often forget about, a place that gives to me everyday. Today, a very rainy day, I found gifts that brought sunshine into & out of every part of my being. After a morning meeting, I decided to do something I always recommend to visitors on a rainy day, something I always say I’m going to do, but rarely actually do: I jumped in the car and headed into the canyon looking for waterfalls. Since today was the third day of steady rain, I figured my goal would be easily met. Little did I know what awaited me… Driving through the fee gate, the ranger asked we would be hiking today. Planning only on spectating, I assured him we’d be in our car for the duration of our visit. As we headed up the State Route 9, I got my first glimpse of the Virgin River. At 2050 cfs (cubic feet per second)… wow, that’s a lot of water! A giggle of glee escaped as I watched the raging current. As we turned north up the Zion Canyon … Continue reading

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