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Born in Jacksonville and raised in Memphis, Anna Rehkopf now calls Zion Canyon home… for the time being, anyways. When Anna isn’t in the store telling stories about Zion and detecting the subtleties in visitors’ accents, she’s usually playing outdoors by rope, by boat, or by her own two feet.

ZAC Spring Training: Preparing to Give You Our Very Best

When I think about what training means to me, I feel an immense urge to smile. In many places, training is a stressful endeavor – here, not so much. That’s not to say there is nothing stressful about ZAC training, but everyone shares the process, which helps us make the most out of our time together. No one is out of the loop, so to speak. Our managing partners, multi-year staff, and new team members all sit down together to hash out how to make this place great for customers and each other. Part of that process is identifying similarities and differences between us all, but the most important part is forming relationships with one another. Our group at Zion Adventure Company is unique, in that we are all friends. When I got the assignment to put together a video highlighting moments in our training, I was psyched. Training is something I look forward to. We spend time talking about ZAC philosophy and shop duties, then we go outside… TO PLAY! Training this year involved canyoneering, climbing, biking, hiking, and fording the Virgin River in dry suits. Obviously, however, not everything is fun and games… One of the most amazing … Continue reading

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